Wednesday, 30 January 2013

28th Jan 2013 Mthatha, South Africa


No, I didn't transfer. I'm still here in Mthatha. This transfer is a short transfer. It's only 5 weeks long because of the change in age of missionaries, they are implementing a new length of time to be in the MTC and so that affects this transfer by one week. So that means I will be coming home one week sooner, so if I looked properly, I should arrive home in the airport on moms Birthday, the same day I left! That'd be cool!

  Good news! I finally got my package! Christmas came a month late! Haha! I got the package and about 10 letters/cards all at once! That was the best package ever! I was so excited when I saw the Countrytime Lemonade! I'm almost all done it already! I loved the caramilk bars and Reeses too! SO AWESOME!!! Best package! The ties are awesome! I gave one to my companion, Those squirty juice things are sweet too! I like them! Thanks for the package it was awesome! And thanks for everyone who sent me letters and cards! I'll try to reply as best as I can! I don't have much time to write, but I might send something small back.
This week was pretty good. Wasn't the most productive but it was nice! We have been working really hard though. We had 3 investigators at church on Sunday, which was awesome! I'm just loving mission! I got a bad sun burn from doing service, and now it's peeling, it looks like I have leprosy. But it's alright, doesn't hurt and it was all worth it.

Being with Elder Bullock is really fun. He loves to pull pranks and is just pulling pranks left and right on Elder Taylor (another Elder in our district, we stay in the same house).  He stacked like 6 mattresses and 3 box springs on top of each other and left it for Elder Taylor's bed. And once he taped all of Elder Taylor's things that were on his desk to the ceiling. Another time he put body wash in Elder Taylor's toothpaste! So funny! I'm just glad it's not me he's pranking. Of course this is all done in the house, and in their spare time, but Elder Taylor is pranking Elder Bullock back also! They have fun doing that! I have fun watching it!


Time is flying by too quickly! And it doesn't ever slow down! I have been running in the mornings with Elder Bullock, which is good! I'm excited though! Thanks for all of the support! I couldn't ask for anything better! I love you all!

-Elder Jones

P.S. Pictures of the pranks and of my sun burn. Elder Bullock did each of these pranks to Elder Taylor. Elder Bullock is the shorter black haired one, and Elder Taylor is the tall dirty blond one.

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