Monday, 26 August 2013

25th Aug 2013 Assistant to the President, Cape Town, South Africa


Thanks for the pics! I'm sorry I couldn't respond to you earlier! I haven't had a chance all week! On Monday my companion and I left Cape Town and Drove to Knysna (I was able to see some people there! It was awesome to be back!), then Tuesday we drove the rest of the way to P.E. Then we had Exchanges with the Zone Leaders in P.E. Then we drove to Grahamstown that night, then had exchanges with Elder Raharizoandrinirina and Elder Chamberlin


Then Wednesday night we drove to Port Alfred and ate at the Stumms (Senior Couple/ Branch President of Port Alfred) then stayed the night with Elder Anderson and Elder Sanders. Then Thursday we had exchanges with them, then that night we drove to Kwa Nobuhle and stayed with the Kwa Nobuhle Zone Leaders.


Friday morning we went to P.E. for Leadership training, of which my companion and I had to present a 1 hour presentation to 2 Zones leaders on leadership responsibilities and duties (it went over time though...). After the Leadership training we had exchanges with the Kwa Nobuhle Zone Leaders, stayed the night with them again, then Saturday morning after studies we left back to Cape Town.


We made another brief stop in Knysna for lunch and saw a couple more people, then we drove the rest of the way home to Cape town. We spent a total of about 23 hours driving this week! Now we are back and now I can email! I forgot my camera and my flat, so I can't send pictures today... But I will send some soon!

Here are some cool experiences I had over the past week while travelling and doing stuff!

On exchanges in P.E. with Elder Carlson, we had a terrible day of people dropping and no one being home and nothing was working out. Then, while looking for a member, we found a Nigerian man at the house instead who said he didn't know who the members were. Instead of just saying, "Thanks, have a nice day." We introduced ourselves and he invited us into his home. He brought out his well used bible and told us he studies his scriptures every day. We got to know him better and then discussed our purpose and shared the 3 minute version of the first lesson. He seemed very interested and we helped him see that this is the message that his life was preparing him to receive. He was very interested, said he felt the spirit of God in his home, wanted a copy of the Book of Mormon, wanted to come to church, and wanted us to come back. It was a miracle! 

Another experience was when I was on Exchanges in Kwa Nobuhle with Elder Mapeka and Elder Mapeka accidentally locked the car keys in the trunk. So we used a metal coat hanger from a member and tried opening it but it wasn't working (it works with Aveos but not with the Etios). So after calling a mechanic and him telling us that we needed a locksmith and that he didn't know a locksmith and nobody had a phone book, I decided that I needed to pray. So I said a silent prayer to myself and asked that we could open the car so that we could teach His children. Right after I said, "Amen," Elder Mapeka managed to shuffel the back window down a 1/4 of an inch. So I tried doing something with the hanger through the window but it was too far from anything. So I said another silent prayer asking for more assistance with being able to get the car completely open, and again right when I said, "Amen," the member came up to us with a long thick wire asking if it would help. So Elder Mapeka bent the end into a hook and shoved it in the car and reached all the way down to the latch that opens the trunk and wallah! First try and the trunk was open! I was amazed! Miracles left and right! We were then able to teach two powerful lessons that night. 

My last spiritual experience this week was when we were coming back to Cape Town and we stopped in Knysna to get lunch a Debonairs. So after ordering we walked to the Superspar to get some drinks and as we were coming back to get our pizza, two YSA age men from Zimbabwe stopped us and said that they had been walking around looking for the chapel all that morning and that they had been receiving lessons from missionaries in Zimbabwe and wanted to find the church and get taught again. So we walked to the chapel with them and arranged for the Knysna Elders to come and meet them. We had reported to us that they met them and they said they would come to church. So there's two potential priesthood holders and desperately needed YSA to add to Knysna! MIRACLES!!! I love it!

I wish I had more time to write something! I need to take reports now from the Zone Leaders! I love you all! Thank you for all of your awesome support! I need all that I can get!


-Elder Jones


15th Aug 2013 Assistant to the President, Cape Town, South Africa



Ok, so I have some time now to be able to send something! These past 2 weeks have been very busy. I don't even have p-days anymore... Last week was transfer week so it was very hectic getting all the missionaries in this vast mission to their various areas safely and on time. Lot's of flights that happened. So I'm getting very familiar with airports these days. Also I was able to send Elder Morris to the airport. He was the only Elder going home this transfer.


Also this past week we had a Missionary Leadership Counsel at the mission home. So all of the Zone Leaders in the whole mission flew down to the mission home for a 3 day training. So I was really busy with organizing and arranging that all to happen smoothly. We also were able to see a classical concert. There was a pianist named David Glen Hatch and his students who held a concert and it was entirely piano playing, but they are like world class pianists! It was awesome! So we were able to go see that. He is a member from Utah.


The rest of this week I have kinda been in the Mission Office a lot doing paper work and updating information and what not... I haven't had much time in my area... Which is a bummer because I love teaching people and working in that sense, but I guess the things I am doing is helping with missionary work anyways... I need to get used to it... but I think next transfer I am going to plan out the transfer better so that I can have more time in the area.


Next week I'll be travelling a lot. We are going to drive to P.E. and spend the week there doing exchanges and stuff, then coming back. Then in a few weeks we will fly to East London and drive to Queenstown and Mthatha and do exchanges and what not for a week as well then come back. All the while doing leadership trainings. Busy busy busy...


Thank you so much for all of the support! I am glad that the family is all having fun and able to be together! Sounds like you are all busy and having a blast! I love you all and I'm so grateful for all of the support that I get from all of you! I wish I could email you sooner or send more pictures but I can't do that this week. I barely have time to send this email! Take care!


Elder Jones

Monday, 5 August 2013

5 Aug 2013, Assistant to the President, Cape Town, South Africa

Good Day mom and dad!
Sorry that this email is coming so late! I meant to send a quick message this morning warning you that I wouldn't be able to send anything till later, but I was busy. So! First off! Thanks for the email and the update with the pics! Loved them!...I dont have much time nor can I hardly concentrate right now because of all the stuff running through my head right now... So I'll just cut to the chase!
This week has been hectic! I will just say that this week we worked very hard in the area! It was the last week of the transfer and we really got down to work! We only were able to have 2 people at church on Sunday though, but we are still working hard at getting people to church.
 This Sunday was fast and testimony Sunday, so I had an opportunity to bear my testimony. I also had the opportunity to say good bye to everyone... yes i did just say that I was saying goodbye! Why would I say that? because this week is transfer week. And What is my transfer news? well... My news made it so that I left Queenstown on Sunday after church and drove 3 hours south to East London. Then at 8:25 Monday morning I boarded an airplane and flew to Cape Town. But wait? isn't transfers always on a Wednesday? yes... Then why did I fly to Cape Town 2 days early? well... I received a phone call Saturday night from President Wood telling me that I was being called to serve as the Assistant to President! Wow!!! Mind blowing!
 So now I am in Cape Town calling missionaries and telling them their transfer news! I have done a lot today and I didn't have time to Email... but now that I'm AP my schedule is all messed up and my emails might be coming in at strange and different times... but there is so much I have to learn and so much I have to do and so much responsibility! It's all so overwhelming but at the same time I am just chill...
 Luckily my companion knows whats going on and is awesome! His name is Elder Chikara from Johannesburg but he was born in Zimbabwe. He's really awesome and I'm excited to be working with him! Also I will be working right along side of President Wood for the next 3 months! I'm going to be travelling a lot and doing a lot of trainings and what not... I'm not sure if the mission office sent you an email yet telling you or not... anywho.. I can hardly focus on writing this email.. my mind is flooded right now... But just know that I am doing very well and I appreciate all of the love and support!
 I have just been given a huge responsibility to serve. I'll need all the prayers I can get! Thanks for everything! I'm going to end this now... Love ya all!
-Elder Jones