Monday, 4 February 2013

4th Feb 2013 in Mthatha, South Africa

Good morning Mom and dad,

 Well this is going to be a really short email... I wrote out a nice
big long email... and then when I went to send it, for some reason the
screen timed out and it didn't send... so now I have to write it all out again and I only have 10 mins... Thanks so much for the update on everything!

Thanks for sending the priesthood line of authority. It worked this time.
That's cool that dad was able to talk to some people from South Africa! I don't know of a place called Niomi though... I'll try to think of a cool South African name for Anona's new dog! Well I don't have time but I'll briefly explain my week!

We went to Queenstown and had Zone Training and Interviews with
President Wood. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot about the House
of Israel and about how to use the Book of Mormon with finding. Then
we came back after a day and continued working! We had some canceled appointments this week, so with the free time we just
focused our efforts on searching out all of the Former investigators
we have in our Area Book! It was rather effective! One lady said that
she was waiting for over a year for the missionaries to come back, and
that she was reading the Book of Mormon and her friends were also.
That was awesome!

We had a few more successes like that as well! We
still have a lot of them to go through so I think we will be having a
lot of work from that. We are also still helping 3 people
 with their baptism this month! That will be really cool! They are progressing very well and are almost done 1st Nephi in
the Book of Mormon!
 I love mission so much! It is hard work but quite rewarding knowing you are helping others and I am learning a boat load of stuff! I couldn't think of a better way to
spend two years of my life! And the time is flying by too quickly!
Thank you for everything you do to support me while I am here! I love you all!
Sorry no time for pictures this week.

-Elder Jones 

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