Thursday, 26 September 2013

19 Sept 2013, Assistant to the President, Cape Town, South Africa

Good morning!

 That was a big spider you found mom! I'm proud of you for catching it in a jar and taking a picture! You always know what makes me happy! Haha! Well let me update you on what has been happening with me and why I haven't been able to email you back yet... This week was transfer week... so I received a new companion and I had the responsibility of making sure that all the missionaries who were travelling to difference areas all got on their flights and busses on time and that everything ran smoothly...
Also I was there for the new elders when they arrived and the trainers and when they arrived. Not to mention we had this problem about a week before transfers where the area office told President Wood that there were 4 elders who were in the MTC who couldn't get their visa's for Kenya and who might come to our mission. So with that being said President had us prepare 2 extra flats and 2 extra area's for these elders to stay... which meant moving some more people around and booking new flights and busses. After all that preparation, those 4 elders didn't end up coming after all... so I felt like we had just participated in "Zion's Camp." So we changed all of the plans and the flats and everything back to the first plan and then everything went smoothly...
 The Lord keeps putting these challenges in my path and I find that He's doing this to see how much I will truly trust in Him and rely on Him! This is His work and everything will be done the way He wants it to be done! If I start getting my own ideas in the mix and have my own pride, then things won't run as smoothly... but once I trust in Him and do what He wants, His way, in His timing, then everything for some reason just magically works out in the end! I love it! It is really cool to see! Also, we had to open 2 new areas up in Cape Town, and we only had enough room for one more companionship, so Elder Martin (my new companion) and I had to give up our humble abode to Elder Bullock and his new companion, so now Elder Martin and I are staying at the Mission Office... Haha! We live here now until a boarding is found for Elder Bullock. So I have access to the computers whenever I want really...
We have Zone Conference next week, which means I will be travelling almost the whole mission next week, but we are preparing for that right now, so we are super busy, but in a couple weeks, things should be a bit more relaxed and I'll have more time to respond more frequently. I love you all! Thank you so much for all of your support and your emails even though you don't hear from me very often.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

15 Sept 2013 Assistant to the President, Cape Town, South Africa

Hi Mom and Dad,

I'm sorry that it's taken so long to reply... I really have not had any time to even be on a computer to email... I have been travelling since Wednesday and won’t be back till Wednesday... Went to East London and Queenstown and Mthatha this week and I have a leadership training to give on Tuesday and a portion of the new elders training to give tomorrow... so I'm just super swamped... I really shouldn't even be emailing right now but I am.
I just finished taking reports from the Zone Leaders and I thought I would take a minute to email quickly... I wish I could do it more often and spend more time emailing, but I have so much to do... I'm even half an hour late for bed right now... Thanks for the email! I really appreciate all of the support! Don't worry about me if I don't respond promptly... You can write me any time! I work on the computers at the office almost every day so I can check my email.
Even if I am limited with time to write something big, but I promise when the times arise I will take them.... they just might be few and far between... So don't be afraid to send emails through the week. but I'll only be AP for 7 more weeks then It'll be over... And I’ll be able to rest... but not really because I'm going to work my butt off in my next area!!!!!! WOOOO!!!! I love this work so much! I couldn't be spending my time doing anything better! I love you all. Take care!
-Elder Jones