Thursday, 10 January 2013

7th Jan 2013 in Mthatha, South Africa

Mom and Dad

Thanks for sharing that story dad. It goes to show where his priorities were, and he knew what was true and was willing to die for it. That strengthens my testimony. And thank you for the pictures! I love seeing the family! It’s always great for keeping me updated on what happens through the week and also on your spiritual things. I love hearing about those things!

Mom it was nice to hear about how you felt the spirit in every hour of church last Sunday. I am never ever going to go through church on Sunday like I used to at home, again. Church is just so interesting. There is so much to learn and grow from and to share with others. I can't go a minute without seeking for some gain or extract knowledge from the things said and done at church. I just love this gospel and I love gaining knowledge! I find it's the easiest to gain knowledge from the living Prophets and Apostles. They are constantly expounding deep doctrinal principles in simple forms, but all you need to do is look for them! They are in there, and they are being said plainly to us to teach us, but we just have to search, ponder, and pray to learn them. I'm so excited for when my resources of books to read isn't limited to the missionary library. I am going to enjoy drinking deeply from the words of the prophets in books they have written! I wish I could now, but I can't...

This week we encountered a very interesting predicament. We have a new investigator who’s husband was in the hospital. I mentioned a little while ago that we went to the Hospital to give him a blessing because he had a hemorrhage in his head, which he obtained from being pushed off of a moving train and hitting his head.

He needed surgery and then he needed a second surgery because of some internal bleeding in his head. Afterwards he could hardly move and could hardly mumble words. When we gave him the blessing he could say a few words and he could eat, but then only 2 days later the hospital discharged him. He was progressing but very slowly so his sister took him to Johannesburg (her home) to take care of him and look after him. His wife is still here in Mthatha and just a few days ago she got news that her husband had got up one morning and walked out the door without anyone knowing. They have been looking for him for 4 days now and they can't find him and he can hardly talk and barely can walk. His wife is here and is taking care of their 2 young children.
 I can't even imagine what she is going through right now, but we are trying to comfort her as much as we possibly can and we are keeping in touch with her every day. After one visit with her, we helped her understand how much God loves her and is listening to her prayers and mentioned how families can be together forever. She wanted to be sealed to her family and said that we had helped her a lot, but still I feel like she has so much on her mind, I can't even comprehend what’s going through her head. I just hope and pray that we can help her get through this. I know if she lives the gospel it will definitely help her, but we need to teach her it first.

 I love being a missionary and seeing people's lives change! I'm still waiting for the packages and letters that have been sent to me... Maybe we will get them tomorrow... I'm still waiting... I'm not too worried though! Thank you so much for everyone that is supporting me! I love you all! Gotta go! Time is up!

-Elder Jones

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