Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Dec 9th 2013, Distric Leader, Mdanstane South Africa

We will have an Open House on Sunday Dec15th after 6:30pm for anyone who would like to come and visit Elder Jones.
Also his homecoming talk will be Dec 29th 11:00am at the Raymond Stake Centre.


Yup this is the last one. It's kind of weird and it still doesn't feel like it. But it is true and I've got to deal with it. So this week goes something like this...

…Today is P-Day... Tonight is FHE with a family in our area. Tomorrow morning I fly to Cape Town. Tuesday all day I will be with 2 other Elders who are going home in my group and we get to drive around and visit people in Cape Town. Tomorrow night we sleep at the Mission home with the Greenies. Wednesday is transfers. Wednesday afternoon I get my final interview with President Wood. Wednesday evening I get a nice home cooked meal by Sister Wood. Wednesday night we get our final going home training (which I have already heard twice as an AP). Thursday morning, 5 out of the seven elders are flying home in the morning. Elder Tukuafu and I hopefully get to go to Robin Island. Then Thursday night we fly out to England and then you know what happens from there on.

 On Sunday we only had 4 investigators at church, but we had a powerful lesson on the Word of Wisdom. I am going to miss that father led family more than anyone else in this area! I love them so much and I can't wait to find out that they are baptized!

 My area is now getting whitewashed and the new companionship coming in is a trainer and a greenie. They are jumping in on some awesome investigators! I'm seriously going to miss missionary work SOOOOOOOOOO much! This is so bitter sweet! I love helping others! I love serving others! I love seeing lives change for the better from the Gospel!

 The one young man in that father led family is a perfect example of that. He has changed completely from the 5 weeks we've been meeting with him! That whole family is completely different! I almost wanted to cry when I found out that they started doing family prayer every night, and we hadn't even talked about that yet. Haha now that I'm talking about this, I don't want to leave... There are some friendship's I've made here that I know will last forever, even if I never meet these people again in my lifetime. I've met some of the greatest people that this earth has to offer, and I met them within the humble little households of poor townships in South Africa. I have too much to be grateful for. I'm just honored that I had this incredible opportunity to serve and help others.

Thankfully it doesn't end here. Sure, full time missionary work in South Africa stops now, but my service to the Lord will continue for Eternity! I'm not ready to come home, but I wasn't ready to serve a mission either...

 Whatever the Lord wants me to do, I'll do it! Even if I fall, even if I suffer, even if I struggle, even if I get no reward. Otherwise, there is no happiness. I need to rid myself of the mentality that when I go home, I get my life back. With that thinking, then all that I have done has been a waste. Rather, I give my life over to the Lord and I seek to do His will always, even within my home, family, friends, anywhere and with anyone.

 I guess this is it. Next time you hear from me, it will be at the Calgary Airport. I love you all!

-Elder Jones

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

2 Dec 2013, Distric Leader, Mdanstane South Africa


 I just need to say this first of all before anything so I don't forget!

Please don't forget to bring my winter coat when you pick me up from the airport! I'll freeze to death if you don't! Ok that's all...

 Honestly, I like that Idea of separating family and friends... I was concerned about that before but I think it would be best to do them separate. I don't want people competing for my attention and I think the family would feel weird with all of my friends around anyways.

 So maybe family on Sat evening and then friends on Sun evening?

 If that's not too much of a hassle?

 Oma was also telling me about the snow storm. I hope it's not going to be too bad. I was showing my companion pictures of home and of the snow and he was so fascinated because he has never felt snow before. Actually a majority of the people here don't know what snow feels like. My companion wants to feel snow so badly! So I just scraped some ice off the back of our freezer and threw it at him and told him that it's practically like that. He still wasn't satisfied.

 As for how our area is doing, it's doing great! We had an investigator come to church and afterwards had a powerful lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ with him. He's super ready for baptism and we are working with his father and brother as well, but they aren't progressing as fast as he is.

 It's exciting! I don't know how to describe everything that's happening in our area, because it is a lot! We are working with less actives and going through the ward list, and we are working with recent converts. We are finding new investigators and teaching progressing investigators. Things are going great! Just busy busy busy! Too much work! I'm loving it!

 Well I have one more day of emailing before I'm home. So I hope everything is going to be ok. I love you all too much! Take Luck!

-Elder Jones