Monday, 30 July 2012

30th 2012 July Knysna South Africa

Hi  Mom and Dad,
Hello!! You are right! Time is flying! 2 more weeks and I'll be 8 months out on mission! It was a year and 15 days ago that I received my mission call! Crazy! Thanks for updating me with everything! I'm glad Dad's eye is recovering! I'm glad you are doing well with school! I'm glad Raymond didn't get pummeled with Hail! That sounds like it was terrible! I wonder if the Temple is alright! I'm glad it didn't happen in Raymond! My car would have been destroyed! You have insurance from hail damage on your car right? If something like that is going to happen, throw my car in the garage so it won’t be destroyed and yours can and get covered! :)
My clothes are doing great! Life everything is perfectly fine! My shoes are doing well too! Nothing is wrong! I had to spend $85 on getting my x-rays and doctor reports done for my Namibia visa though... but ya, I’m doing great! And even if my clothes were going bad, I would just buy some here.. no biggie! Thanks for wondering though!
My companion and I are doing great! Had a rough patch in the middle of the transfer, but its all good now! And we just found out last night that we are going to be together for another transfer yet again! So it should be good!
I am in 3Nephi chapter 10 right now... I'm going nice and slow and marking my scriptures, I'm also half way through "Jesus the Christ" book which is an amazing book! And I’m in the book of John in the New Testament! I stopped my Old Testament study in Leviticus... not useful enough... Keep me updated on the Olympics, because I have no idea what’s happening! All I know is that in Woman's soccer, Canada beat South Africa 3-0!!! Woo!!! Go team Go!!!
That mud bogging thing looks sweet! Wish I could have seen it!
On August 12th, we have 2 baptisms set and happening here in Knysna! Woot!Running out of time! I love you both!!!
Here is what happened last week. One more week down! Transfer is officially over tomorrow! But turns out that nothing is changing for me here in Knysna! Elder Andriamanantena and I are staying here! I'm happy about it! Its stress free...but I need to work on my showing love to others... anyways... This is an accomplishment for me!
In the past 3 weeks, we have gotten 30 new investigators, and we have not gone tracting once! It was merely by implementing the “Teach while you Find and Find while you Teach method! So ya! That is very effective! The work is going great! We have had 9 investigators at church these past 2 weeks! Which is sweet We have more investigators than we can even comfortably visit! It's crazy! I have no complaints whatsoever!
All I can say is that I love being a missionary, and that I am learning more and more every day! I also found out yesterday that my last area, Khayelitsha, is on fire! Not literally (quite the opposite actually because it has been ringing there for like a month straight!) but like the work is booming and the ward is growing in strength and my recent convert, Nobuntu, has returned and is solidly going to church, and my other one, Anda, is solid in church as well! Ntomboxolo is going less active apparently and same with Tamara... so I am writing them letters to encourage them... Bro. Raymond, Musa, and Masixole all have the Melchezidek Priesthood! Which is sweet!!! I was so happy to hear all this stuff! I miss that place! But I love Knysna also!

Anyways... The pictures are of Knysna from across the lake. The bottom is town (aka white people) the stuff on the top of the hills is township. It kind of looks creepy eh? But that is where I’m serving right now! I love it! And the other pictures is a member, Leoni, in the hospital who we went to visit with the "crew" which consists of Jane, Janine, and Ashwin, who all come fellowship with us alot! Janine is Leoni's Sister and she is in front of me in the pictures. You may have noticed that these people are very short! Maybe I'm just super tall... Enjoy!
 Take Luck!

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