Wednesday, 8 August 2012

6th Aug 2012 in Knysna South Africa


Woo! Holidays! Sounds like you are going to have a blast this week! I thinks it's awesome to see the change in my family from boring, to SWEET AWESOME QUADDERS!!! Paha! I just love you guys! I'm glad that you are able to go! Every week is a new report.  It keeps my emails exciting!.

We have another baptism coming up this coming Sunday, and another coming up in a couple weeks after that! Woo! Thanks for keeping me posted on the Olympics! I appreciate that! Go Canada! I wish I could watch... I love the Olympics! I love you both! Thanks for the Emails! They are  such a strength to me! Now let me tell you how my week went.

Transfers have come and gone! Nothing changed, but I didn't get my new planner till Saturday... So I had to go the whole week finding blank spots in my planner to plan for the past week! That was poopy... sorry, missionary talk... planners are important ok! Without one, I don't function!
This past week we have been running around trying to balance teaching everybody in our teaching pool! There are just so many, it's crazy! Just progressing them is getting difficult. It's nice though because it allows us to focus more on ones that are progressing, and go a bit slower with ones that aren't. But the work is booming! We had 11 investigators at church on Sunday! 5 of which we still haven't been able to teach yet! Things are almost awesomely out of our control!

 Paha! I had a cool experience with teaching one of our investigators. Her name is Lina, and she has a friend named Nomfundo, who we have visited a few times before but had never been able to progress with the lesson because we were always restarting lesson 1 because there were new people there every time. So on Thursday we were finally able to sit down with just the 2 of them and teach them Lesson 2. So that is what we did! We discussed about Priesthood and prophets and the church of Jesus Christ in former times, and about the apostasy, and about the restoration. By the end of the lesson she was very excited! And she was more curious about how somebody gets the authority, and how to know if a person has that authority. So we informed her that it was by the laying on of hands like in the times of the Old Testament (using Moses and Joshua as an example) and like the Savior did to His Apostles, and like has been done once again in modern times from the Apostles to Joseph Smith, which restored the authority. If a person cannot trace their authority back with a consecutive, unbroken chain, to Jesus Christ, then they do not have the authority.

 So after explaining that, she share an experience where a pastor came to her and told her that he wanted her to be in charge of the woman of the church, so he laid his hands on her head and gave her authority, and that she was, until that point in time, still in that position of her church. She then started yelling, "THOSE LIARS!!! I BELIEVED THEM!" and started saying how she was never going back to that church again and stuff like that! Sadly she moved to Mossel Bay like yesterday, so the missionaries there are going to work with her... so there goes one prepared investigator... We were able to teach her about the Book of Mormon though, and she is now reading it. Good stuff!!!

 I love mission! It's too awesome!!! Also the other Canadian in the mission from Saskatoon is in the George district! so thats sweet! George is our neighbors! anywho.. its raining today, and windy, and fairly chilly... I'm starting to adapt to the climate here... it’s like +12 and I'm starting to get cold easier... oh well, summer will come soon! Wooot! I wish i could share all of my experiences here, but i don't have time. Take Luck!

-Elder Jones

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