Monday, 9 July 2012

9th July 2012 Knysna, South Africa

Looking good with their zebra print ties.
Elder Adrian Jones is the far Left
Mom and dad,
I'm glad you both enjoyed the package so much! Your welcome! That makes me really happy! I've been wanting to do that for a while now! So good! Also that bracelet that you ended up getting mom, I picked it specifically for you, so I’m glad you ended up with it! I'm glad you liked the salt and pepper shakers too! I thought you would! Dad your wallet is ostrich skin.
Thanks yet again for the pictures dad! I really appreciate it! I have a nice collection of pics from home now thanks to you! I am so jealous of you guys having ribs! I have not had a good rack of ribs yet... I had all you can eat ribs once here at a restaurant called Spur, but they were terrible! I have already come to the conclusion that I won't have a good rack of ribs for another year and a half... Thanks for the update! I love you Dad! Have a good safe week driving!
I hope everyone enjoyed those first 4.5 months of my mission that is on the memory card! I will send the next 3 months when I get that memory card back.
Those 2 couples I mentioned in my last letter are from Malawi... so they are out of their country... so there is a bunch of papers and stuff that they need to do... They are in the process of getting that all sorted, along with their visa's and stuff before they can get married...
Mom! Thank you so much for caring enough about me to send such wonderful emails to me! I really appreciate your love and care for me! In all you do! And with doing the blog and everything! Thank you so much! I wonder if anyone reads my blog anymore... And thank you for doing everything with the bank accounts! I hope you are going to cope alright with the heavy work load you have!  Congratulations on another exam! You are awesome! I like the pic dad sent me of you and Tristan with your helmets on!
I love you both so much! Now to fill you in on last week’s events…
This past week we hardly taught a lesson because on Wednesday we took a 3 hour trip to Port Elizabeth for Zone training. But when we got there, we went to Ado Elephant Park! So sweet! The first few hours we didn't really see anything but some Zebras and Kudu and Warthogs (Pumba), but eventually we hit the jackpot of Elephants! No wonder we couldn't see them anywhere! They were all in one spot! So I have some pictures of how close we got to a big bull! And a picture of everybody who went!
That is the George and Knysna Districts with the George Senior Missionary Couple. So that was a sweet trip! Then we stayed the night at the Zone Leader's boarding, and had Zone Conference the next morning. After we took the 3 hour drive back home! It was fun!
Then we had to go to George that night for a baptismal interview for the George Elders in Mossel Bay (most beautiful place in the mission)! It was night time though... so I didn't get to see a thing... :( but! We stayed the night at the George District Leaders boarding, and then had District Meeting the next morning! Then went back to Knysna and went to work...
wow time is flying by today, I really got to go. Today is P-Day with the George District and get some good pictures! Take luck!

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