Monday, 28 May 2012

28 May 2012 Philippi & Delt in the City of Cape Town


Hi mom and dad,  
Here are some pictures of last week's P-Day adventure! It was incredible! Pictures don't even give the full experience! Love you all!
Looks like the quadding trip was great and a success last Sat! You must have had a blast! I still haven't even been up to the plane crash that’s in the mountains near Coleman Alberta yet! I'm glad everyone is still safe! I don't want a replay of what happened to mom last year! Thanks for those pics! So how is Syd doing anyways? Is she famous yet? Enjoy your week off dad Love ya!

Good work on another exam mom! Sounds like quadding was a blast also! The picture with you stuck in a deep mudbog looks real good. Way to go for getting out by yourself. Good luck with the garage sale this weekend! Was neat that you watched “Return of the Jedi” movie on TV last night. I've actually told quite a few missionaries about how your Mission President gave your missionary district permission to see that Starwars movie while on your mission.
 That’s would have been so sweet back then! haha!

 I'm glad you get some time off work also! Sounds like this week is going to be a busy one! Thanks for emailing me so faithfully! And sending me letters! I got another snail mail letter from you this week! I love getting those letters! love you mom!

Happy 86th Birthday Opa!!!
I hope today is a blast for you! Just know that your African Grandson is celebrating your birthday from the other side of the world! (Plus today is P-Day so it makes it easy!) This week was pretty good!
I love my mission. The highlight of the week was when I saw NOBUNTU!!!!!! Come to church on Sunday!!! That was sweeet!!! I really hope that that broke the ice for her. She was nervous since she hasn’t been to church for awhile! So I hope the ice is broken now and she'll start being 100% active! She could be a powerful help to the ward!
Also we are teaching this man named Grahm. He is sweet! He is a referral from a Bishop in Panorama, Grahm is an active member of the Universal Church and is grasping everything we tell him very easily, he has so much faith! When we told him about the Book of Mormon being another witness and testament that Jesus Christ Lives, he was very interested!

The work is going very well! I'm still managing to stay safe! It is really sketchy being in Khayelitsha at night, but we try to avoid dangerous places after dark, which is 6 pm... Everybody still thinks its winter here, but its +25 outside and sunny! I don't see it... but whatever, I’ll take their words for it that it is winter for them!
Transfers are coming up in a few weeks! I'm destined to be moving away from this ward! Apparently a missionary can't be in an area for longer than 6 months unless requested through the president. So it'll be nice to go somewhere else and experience something new! I have a feeling I’m going to Eastern Cape! So depending on where I go, the mail is pretty sketchy... so I might only be able to send packages once or twice a transfer... so don't think that I am ignoring anyone! I will still be able to receive mail at the normal pace, but sending is going to be different...
 By the way, I am super grateful for all of the packages that I have received! Keep them coming! I love em! :P Nicole! Thanks for the shirt! I'm sorry if you didn't get my letter from before... I sent it to the return address you gave me in Edmonton, so I guess it never got to you... I'll send ya another one!
But ya! This week was a good one! I braai'd up some ribs last night! (a braai is the same as BBQ but just using burning charcoal instead of propane) They were amazing! Could have been more tender though. I just bought pre-marinated ribs, braai'd them up, then smothered them with some hickory honey BBQ sauce and they were fantastic! I even have leftovers for lunch today, and dinner! There were 9 of us missionaries braaing! It was fun! Love you all!!

-Elder Jones

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