Monday, 14 May 2012

14 May 2012 in the Philippi & Delt area of the City Cape Town

Again Happy Mothers Day !!!!
I loved being able to see the whole family! I was almost in tears for the first few mins! I don't even know what to say! My mind is just flying around everywhere! Good thing P-Day is the day after Mothers day, because I know if I had to teach today, the lessons would be terrible! Not to mention all I do is sit in people's houses and sit in a car all day every day! I wish I could come quadding with everyone! I miss quadding, but the time will come when I can again, no worries!Congrats on your exam mom! That's my mom! I knew you could do it!!

This week is only going to be the bestest week in the entire mission! And I thought last week was! But no! This week trumps it! Buyah!!! Not only did I talk to my family yesterday, but I get to go to a Young Single Adult fireside in Beleville on Thursday (yes the missionaries were invited) and on Friday, I get to go to a Harmony BYU Ambassadors thing or whatever! Basically it’s just singers and dancers from BYU who are travelling the world and performing everywhere and the Elders get to go! Holy dina! Not to mention today is P-Day!!!
And I just found out yesterday where Viktoria is going on her mission!!!!! KOREA!!!!!!!!!!! That's INCREDIBLE!!! I'm stoked! Learning Korean! That just means I need to get cracking and get fluent in Xhosa! I'll learn how to say my testimony in Xhosa soon! I love my mission so much!!!
Being able to Skype my family was such a blessing! I was supposed to get an hour and a half to skype them, which I was prepared for and happy about, but then Bro. Malaza (the first councilor in the bishopric) popped in at an hour and said, "Times up" and that totally caught me off guard!!! That was hard to hear.  Then after that, we just sat down and waited half an hour before Elder Park could skype his family... so I could have skyped the half an hour anyways!!! ARG!
 I'm sorry Family.
We really don't have a limit... some elders did for 2-3 hours with their families! Anywho... for what I got, it was incredible! I got to see Talia!!! And Tristan is huge! And he’s talking?!?! Too cool! He would have a blast with all these little African kids! And his electric quad is sweet! I'm jealous! I got to see Grandma and Grandpa! Which was awesome!!! And Anona and Aaron and mom and dad! And Riley! That was way too awesome! I can't wait to get home and tell everyone everything about Africa!
 I wanted to tell everyone alot more, and alot more about how my mission is going and about the people I am with and about the church here, but I was really lucky though, I have to count my blessings... I felt really bad for Elder Kyuvi ... he hasn't even called home yet... nobody was answering their phones, and his mom's number wasn't even working... poor guy... so we are going to try again just after emailing today and see if he can get through... he was really really upset and sad he couldn't tell his mother Happy Mothers Day... but right after I was done skyping, I was just aimlessly walking around the chapel, wanting just give someone a big hug! Paha! I just missed everyone and wanted to give them all big hugs, but there was only a computer screen... and there was no way I was going to hug Bro. Malaza!
Mission is the BEST!!!! I know being away from family is hard... and missing out on all the good things happening at home is hard... but heck! I'm in AFRICA!!!! Why would I want to go back anytime soon?!?!? Sure the traffic is crazy and laws are pretty much useless and rape and murder and accidents happen abundantly and most of the time I'm the only molungu (white guy) within millions of Xhosa's, but that is what makes being here so awesome!!! Emails and letter and pictures and 4 phone calls, makes it bearable! and bringing people to the knowledge of the Gospel makes it PRICELESS!!! Why in the world would I ever want to go home!?!?!?
 I'm also really excited for Viktoria to experience the same kind of missionary thing in Korea! Too cool for skool! (Afrikaans spells school like skool) And also for Mike in the Montreal mission!!! That’s sweet! The work is moving forward! I love it! Wouldn't want anything else! I love everyone back at home too!!! The support I am getting is absolutely incredible! Thank you so much for everything! Africa is benefiting from everything you do for me!
I've attached some photo's. Elder Park and I, normally he is blonde, then we dyed his hair brown

 Blonde Elder Park

That is not Elder Adrian Jones using a tooth brush on Elder Parks hair

His hair has turned ginger.

Then on Sunday at church, he wore one of my extra name tags, and I wore mine, and we went around with our glasses on and the same ties and fooled people in the ward thinking that there were two Elder Jones's!

Also I saw some ships in the harbor that I think Opa would really like, so show them to Opa please! One's a military ship of some sort! Maybe Opa will know what it is, but it was just coming into the harbor!

 I love you all! Take Luck! Ixesha Lixatshwe Yinga!
-Elder Jones

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