Monday, 21 May 2012

21 May 2012 Philippi & Delt in the city of Cape Town

Mom Dad, Thanks for the picture of Talia and Tristan. They look so cute watching the movie! I'm excited to see what this tree in the front yard is going to look like after you get it planted! Please take a picture of the house with the new tree and send it to me! And have those stupid annoying shoots stopped growing in your flowerbed from the choke cherry tree? I hated those stupid shoots!
 Let me know how those apples turn out on the apple trees in the back. I’m curious! I love you mom! Too bad I’m not there to mow the lawn for you with the new mower? Just be lucky you even have a lawn! People's lawns here are just sand... with weeds... seeing a lawn is really nice actually! It’s good to hear that everything is going so well dad! Love you. Thank you for the pictures of Oma and Opa! Sounds like your quadding trip is going to be epic! Wish I could be there! Are both of your quads still running well?
Thanks for the update with the family also! And it's funny that you brought up the story of Alma praying for his son and the angel appeared! I was studying that the other day, the power of prayer, and I stumbled across that experience also! It's a good one! Thanks for the email dad! How are you doing? How’s work? How’s Aaron and Kim. Wish I would hear from them more.
Today was only ridiculously awesome! Man this whole week has just been spectacular!!! On Thursday there was a Fireside held in Beleville by the BYU Young Ambassadors (which is a singing /dancing group from BYU that tours the world, and this year they toured Africa!). At the fireside they did this sweet performance where one of the members of the group would go up and share their testimony or a thought for like 5 mins, then the whole group would sing 2 songs. Now let me just tell you! They were absolutely incredible!!!! It made me really miss singing back at home! And they would repeat that process with first someone talking then they would sing a few songs and so forth… they would sing  for 1.5 hours! It was awesome! Not to mention, earlier that day, Elder Park and I made sure two 2 inactive sisters would get invitations (Nobuntu and Neliswa, both inactive recent converts) they ended up there that night!
The spirit was so strong! I was so happy that they came! Then after the closing prayer we were able to go and interact with the BYU people.  I was talking with the youngest one in the group who plays saxophone, he is 19 and just got his mission call to New York mission. He shared in his testimony that night that his brother went to North Korea on his mission! I was enthused because Tori  is going to South Korea! So that was awesome! He was saying that his brother had a hard time... because of language barriers... so pray for the gift of tongues Viktoria!!!!
 So that was an awesome night! Then the next night us missionaries were privileged to see the actual performance of the BYU Ambassadors at the Artscape Theater! It was just incredible! They even performed 1 song that I did in Show Choir (Brand New You), 1 song I did in our singing group HarmoniX (Stand By Me), and 1 song I did in Jazz Band (Sing, Sing, Sing!)! Not to mention I have actually performed quite a few of the moves they did, especially in the swing dancing!
 I was so trunked out it was ridiculous!  I had to refrain from singing along to the songs I knew! Oh man! That was awesome! So pretty much to sum up the performance, it was show choir on steroids! But with a live band for music! Yup! I was so happy to be able to go! AND!!! The ticket was only R35, so like $4.50! Sheesh! Show Choir is expensive at $8.! PAHA! Ya and all of the singers were pretty much as good as Sydnee Ralph!
Anywho, enough about that! On Sunday, Wandile came to church!!!! That was awesome, I was so happy! I really hope that we can keep seeing him for sure! I was SOOOO happy about that! He's 21 and holds the Aaronic Priesthood! So if he gets the higher priesthood, he'd be a sweet strength for the Ward! So that was awesome! And church was good... and then the rest of the day was alright.. but…
Today!!! Oh my! Today was also amazing! So just to start off, I am in the most beautiful place in the world! Just to start! It is the most beautiful city in the world! Now today we went somewhere called Cape Point. Now Cape Point is the very tip of the City Cape Town, and it is where the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet! It is incredible! The drive was fantastic! And the view at the Cape Point was sweet! I got some nice pictures! I would totally send them today but I forgot my cable at the boarding... sorry... I’ll send them next Monday for sure! So amazing! I also got to see baboons! And Ostriches! And Penguins! All just in the wild! It was sweet! I got some nice pics of those too! I even touched a penguin! It was very happy with me though... good thing I got out of there before it attacked me! And we took an amazing drive back home on a gorgeous, scenic route! It was amazing, just amazing!  It makes scenic drive in Lethbridge look like, just absolutely nothing.
So that was my week! We are still working on baptisms set in order, but we are having a tough time... But they will come! We are also struggling to see every recent convert at least once a week... there are 13 of them, and our area is huge! Anywho... that is my week!
I love it here! I'm very slowly getting better at speaking Xhosa... I also found out today that a huge house here with beautiful view sells really cheap! Only like $100,000ish! I was so surprised! So I'm going to buy a house here for vacation! Woo! Paha! NOT!
Well Ixesha Lixatshwe Yinga! Love ya! Take Luck!
-Elder Jones
P.S. Happy Birthday to Isaiah and Ben!!

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