Monday, 7 May 2012

7 May 2012 Philipi & Delt area in the city of Cap Town

My Dinner Appointment meals, chicken and rice.
I will be ready for your call at 7:30am Sunday morning your time for Mothers Day. That will be 4:30pm for me!! Email's next week aren't going to be all that exciting because I will have talked with you guys on Sunday! haha! That’s fine with me!  Good to hear that you are busy mom! haha! Hang in there, love you! Can’t wait to talk to you on Sunday!
Michael is getting his call soon!?!?!? You have to let me know where he gets called to and when he's going! That’s awesome!!! Thanks for all the pictures! Sounds like quadding is still a blast! By the time I get home, nobody will want to quad anymore! It'll be old news! Thanks for all the support and for the fasting! I appreciate it so much.  Thanks for the email dad. I love you!
 Blast! I always knew I should have sent that video in to FHV of slapping Dahlin in the face while he is sleeping. It would have been epic! oh well...
Well I am really excited! This could be the best week on my mission so far!

 First off! Anda got baptized yesterday!!!! So just to start the week off that was awesome!
 Then today I found out my transfer news! I'm staying in Khayelitsha!!! And Elder Henerico is going to be my zone leader, and I am getting a new companion! Elder Park! He's from New Mexico! He's as tall as me if not taller (I've only had companions that are taller than me!) He's skinny! He's nerdy! He's going to be perfect! I'm crazy excited! That also means that I should be able to see Jared get baptized! And that also means I get to stay in the boarding apartment with a washer and dryer for another 6 weeks! That also means I get to stay in Cape Town! And possibly hike Table Mountain again! I didn't want to leave quite yet anyways!
 Everything is just amazing! Although I now officially have khayelitsha in my area, and the work is hectic! But it’s going great! Had 2 new investigators at church yesterday (they just came! I had never met them before! Heavenly Father just blesses us with people that just walk into the church and want to learn more! It's incredible!) We also had a less active at church yesterday! That was an incredible feeling! She hadn't been to church for 4 years, and we visited her twice and she came yesterday! WOOOTTT!!!!
 I love missionary work!!!! Also, I hope Elder Park will come to the gym in the morning! WOOT!!! Also I get to talk to the family this coming Sunday!! What!??!?! Talk to my family!?! What?!!? Is this not the best week ever?!?!? Can it get much better than that?!?! I submit that it cannot!!!! Sorry I’m just super happy this week! Not to mention that when mail comes in, it'll make the week even better!
 Yup! Mission is amazing!!! I don't even know what else to say! I can hardly concentrate on this email! My mind is running at a 1000 miles an hour! I haven't been this happy many times in my life before! I'm just so blessed! Although I need to learn some more Xhosa, because I just know that my family is going to want to hear me speak Xhosa on Mother’s Day! (I'm not good at all!)
 Today is P-Day! And that means we are going to do something fun! Not sure yet.... maybe sports! Anyways! Africa is just incredible! I'm in the middle of Babylon! There is craziness and the devil is everywhere! Satan is running Rampant here! But that is what makes my job awesome! Fighting against Satan! It's a blast! But it is also extremely hard! I love my mission! Nobody could ever take me away!
Anywho... I love you all! Thanks for everything! I got a package from mom on Wednesday (the mini eggs were delicious!) I’m grateful for everything in the package, I loved it!! I also got a letter from Viktoria :)
 Ixesha Lixatshwe Yinga!
-Elder Jones

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