Monday, 30 April 2012

April 30th 2012 in the Philippi Delt area of Cape Town.

Don't worry about sending me the ensign mom... I really appreciate it, but all of the Elders get the Liahona, and it will have all of the conference talks in it, so I’m all set! Thanks though, love you! I'm also really excited for these packages you sent! I probably have one waiting for me at the office right now! I just need the Zone leaders to go get post!
Ya I’m out of pens, I’ve resorted to doing everything in pencil now... haha! but I’m going to buy a nice pen that I can take with me to our working  area every day, and write in my planner and stuff with it, then have the pens that you are sending me for writing in my journal and writing letters! That will be really nice!
Thank you so much for sending me some of Elder Palmer's blog! It's so good to hear from him! And the pictures were a nice boost! I miss that kid! But I’m so happy to be serving along side of him!
Thanks for the monster truck and trailer pic’s dad! They are awesome! It's great getting pictures everyweek! I love it! Sometimes I save them on my memory card and print them off to keep! So that’s good! Thanks for updating me on our home teaching families too! Say hi to them for me please!  love you!
Well once again it’s P-Day!!!!! Woot! I love P-Days! And Sundays! It's the two best days in a row! This week was great! Elder Henerico and I, even though we still don't see eye to eye on anything, managed to get through the week fairly well! I found that if I am just SUPER patient with things, they go better! But that also means that we aren't having companionship study in the mornings... which sucks, but there’s only one week left till transfers, so I hope something positive happens!
Also, turns out the baptism of Anda, that was supposed to happen yesterday, is actually going to happen next Sunday! Woot! It'll be Anda and Khanyisa (from Mandalay Elders) getting baptized together! So that’s going to be sweet! But if I leave this area, I won’t get to see them get confirmed, but that’s alright! At least I’ll see the baptism! Also Jared has a date for the 20th of May! Too bad I might not be here for it! Jared is awesome! Still working with Blessing, but I think there is allot of promise for him! It's just tough right now with finances and being so far away from the chapel! He said it's easier for him to attend at another chapel in Mowbray than the chapel in Khayelitsha! So that might be what he has to do... Plus his family is moving back to Zimbobwe, so it’s hectic for them right now, but he has a solid testimony and so far in unwavering!
We have had quite a few nice lessons with “ less actives” this week! I even had faith that some would come to church yesterday! but... nothing.... which is a bummer... so I guess we have to just keep trying, since that is our focus right now... but once again, everything could change at transfers! So who knows! Or I might be staying for another 6 weeks! We’ll find out soonish! Maybe by next P-day I’ll know! We got to go into Khayelitsha and learn the area somewhat and get to know the members and people there somewhat! We are going into Khayelitsha again on wed to learn more... but ya! Tons of work! No time to waste! Always going at it hard!
About me gaining weight... the food people eat here is not healthy food at all! Starches like crazy! Few veggies, lots of chicken! But even then most of the time the majority of the chicken is skin! And plus whenever I make my own food, it’s always sandwiches because that’s easy to take into the area for lunch! It’s hard to eat healthy on mission! not to mention, time to cook nice food is very limited... especially when we are so busy in the area, sometimes we aren't back to the apartment till 9:30 or sometimes later, and by then I’m dead tired and don't want to cook... but a couple times a week I make a tuna casserole thingy because it’s easy to just boil noodles and crack open a can of tuna and put some mayo in and cheese and indulge! Paha! Maybe some very simple, inexpensive meal ideas would be of great help to me if anyone has ideas! I'm open to ideas! By the way I had 5 amagwinya's last night! SO UNHEALTHY! It was at a Dinner Appointment... I couldn't say no! I was stuffed after that!
Well... Ixesha lixatshwe yinja! Translation again, “The time has been eaten by a dog” I got to humba! I love you all! Thanks for the support! I got a package from Aunt Terri and a letter from Viktoria Sulz! Thank you so much.  Good stuff!
 Take Luck!
-Elder Jones

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