Monday, 16 April 2012

16th April 2012 in the Philippi & Delt area of the City of Cape Town

I'm excited to see pictures of Anona and Rileys new house! Also mothers day is coming up soonish! but since I only have one day a week to communicate with you... could you figure out or let me know what day and time would be best for me to skype you guys? I need to know when, so that we are all on skype at the same time! Just keep that in mind. I love you both! Dad needs to drive safe all the time! I don't like landslides and avalanches and stuff!
 BY THE WAY, from the pictures you sent (I really want to cruise around in the escalade) it looks awesome. I am glad the weather is really nice for you guys!  Thanks for sending all the pictures of the family and stuff! I love getting to see you guys!
My new companion is 23 yrs old from Tanzania and is 20 months on mission... He's my senior comp... He's very difficult to get along with, but I am doing my best! I gave up at one point... I just completely gave up with trying to make things work between us... but then we had conference and I talked with one Elder who was companions with him once, and he gave me some good advice for getting along with him, and it's been helping so far... it’s just extremely difficult... From what I have been told from numerous Elders, he is one of the hardest missionaries to get along with in the whole mission... so I think Heavenly Father is testing me... First he gave me one of the best missionaries in the mission to train me, and then he gave me one of the hardest missionaries in the mission to humble and test me... So all in all, I'm working at it. It’s all for the good... Time will only tell what the outcome will be...
By the way, those exercises mom sent are already helping out! I do them every day!  Oh and some day you guys should get a picture of Riley's truck beside something or a small car to show how big it is so that I can show elders here in Africa. Here in Africa people only cruise around in little trucks like the Datsun we used to have, bigger trucks are very rare and only get to the size of dad's F150... so it'd be cool to show them!
As for this week... the week started good with 4 baptisms set for the 29th of April, but one of them got a job where she can't be at church for the next 3 months, and 2 others didn't come to church this Sunday, and we told them that if they didn't come, we'd hafta postpone the baptism.. so we are left with Anda (18 yr old) who has his baptism date still set for the 29th of April... we have to delay the other two baptisms... so that kind of sucks... because the two father led family baptisms will have to be postponed till next transfer, and I might not be staying in this area for another transfer... so all this work I have been putting into Blessing for the past 4 months is going down the pipes... that’s depressing... at least some other elders will get the baptism... I hope everything goes well with him... and with Jared... but ya... so that was the poopy news for this week...
Good news is that General Conference was Sweet!!!! I loved it so much!!! POWERFUL talks! Especially on Saturday! Not to mention that in the Saturday afternoon session I saw Elder Kiss from Raymond, which I was stoked about, in the MTC Choir!!! And Elder ARCHULETTA!! I bet Christine was freaking out about that! It showed a close up of him in the last shot of the final song in the Saturday afternoon session! So that was cool! Yup! Conference was sweet! I really need a copy of this general conference talks! I need to study them! Especially Richard G. Scott's talk about the spirit! He went into detail about everything that you need to know about getting the spirit, using the spirit, and what the spirit does! It was awesome! I got to study that one for sure! I couldn't write notes fast enough to keep up!
I clicked 4 months old on mission yesterday! So I officially only have 20 months left! Crazy! Time is cookin! Sometimes it feels like time is flying, sometimes it feels like time is inching along... but all in all, time doesn't matter, the length of mission isn't going to change, just how I use the time I have is what matters!
I do have to say that getting letters from home makes time more enjoyable! An elder said to me, "Three things that make an Elder happy on mission are: Baptisms, P-Days, and Mail!" It's true though! I got a letter from Matt J. this week! Thanks Matt! I got the first package from mom! And I got a post card from Mexico! I love getting post! Thanks to everyone for all of your love and support of me! I really appreciate it! It really boosts me and pushes me to work harder!
By the way, I have gained a couple pounds on mission... apparently its visible because someone told me that I was gaining weight! So I have now devoted more of my time to exercising in the gym in the morning! I didn't know it was possible that I could gain weight! This is crazy! I wonder how much weight Elder Palmer has gained! Paha! I bet he's HUGE!!!! :P Well... Ixesha lixatshwe yinga! I love you all! Take Luck!
-Elder Jones

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