Monday, 23 April 2012

23 April 2012 Philippi & Delt area in the City Cape Town


Dad that quad date thing sounds awesome for the month of May!!! Viktoria told me that she is going to Ukraine from May 22nd till June 3rd... So I don't think she will make it. I got 2 pictures of Anona's house and a picture of Aarons bike! Anona's house looks really really nice! :) and Aaron's bike is SWEET! Make sure he doesn't get into a speed wobble and die ok?

WOOHOO!!! I got 5 letters this week! 1 from Whitney, 1 from Viktoria, 1 from Mommy, 1 from Elder Kiss, and 1 from Holly! 4 girls to 1 guy ratio... but that’s alright! I love getting mail! Thank you so much for all of the letters!!! :)
So I just got finished hiking table mountain again! This time I was able to get better pictures! Thank goodness! It was really really windy! and kind of cold... but it was alot better than last time! I ended up lending my jacket to Elder Zarbok because he lent his to Elder Kyuvi... but I was alright! With wind-chill, it was probably only like +5 or so... so not bad :P all the Africans were freezing their butts off! It was funny! I’m actually quite impressed with how much I’m not sore after hiking that mountain! Not to mention, in General Conference this year, Henry B. Eyring talked about conquering mountains!... …Thought I’d do it literally! Paha!

Anda IS getting baptized! On the 29th of April! that’s this coming Sunday! Woot! I'm excited for that!!!! We still need to work with the other ones... Jared came to church yesterday so that was sweet!

Also, we now have ALL of the Khayelitsha area in our working area!! HECTIC?!?! I submit that it is! Our area is absolutely Ginormous! So I now literally have to learn everybody in the ward, and where they live, and what their callings are... I can't just chill with the ones I know from my area... Sheesh! there’s alot of work to do! No time to waste either!

We are going to have appointments up the WaaZoo!!! Yuppery doodah! So that’s pretty much the big news for this week... also! I saw a big (size of a loonie) red spider! Like bright red! It was scary looking! but someone squished it... I’m pretty sure that could have killed someone if it would have bit them! but I haven't really seen many spiders... I was told that in the Eastern Cape (If I ever serve in that province) there are lots of monkeys that you just see in the wild hanging around (literally) so I really really really want to go serve there just for that! And also I heard that in Queenstown, in winter they get snow! So I want to go server there for that as well! Yup!

But life is good! Life is great! Aaron's Bike is sweet and Anona's house is sweet! Big changes happening to my fam jam! It's exciting! I love all of you! Once again thank you so much for all of your support! And the letters! P-days, mail, and baptisms! The 3 things that make a missionary happy!
And I have all 3! I'm blessed! Take Luck!!!
Elder Jones

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