Monday, 2 April 2012

2nd April 2012 NEW COMPANION SAME LOCATION Philippi & Delt area of Cape Town

      Hello again, Sorry no pictures today.
That's good news about the taxes! I’m Truly Blessed! Sheesh! Tell the accountant, if you see him again, that I am extremely grateful for all he has done for me! Thank You!!!!!!!
My toe is completely healed now so no worries about infection.  I'm excited for those flash drives that you got, can’t wait to get them!  Also I don't get to see conference until the 14th and 15th of this month. They don't broadcast it live here; we have to watch it later when they send them out on DVD... so I will let you know what I thought in a couple weeks! I'm honestly short of time today.  New email shop today...
Well this week was very interesting because of a bunch of stuff.  But the biggest reason was because I got a new companion this week! Elder Henerico! He's a really tall (taller than me) skinny black guy from Tanzania and he has been out on mission for 19 months. He is very interesting... this situation is really testing my Christ like attributes!  I know that I’ll be able to deal with this change and that if I am patient enough, things will end up a lot better!
This week was not too productive, but we have set 3 baptisms for the 29th of April. Anda, Blessing, and Munashe! I'm excited! They are all coming along very nicely! The work with the less actives is very difficult... we are trying to target those people on a list that bishop gave us to target, but we are find it very difficult... the people on the list he gave us have major problems that they are struggling with, like Word of Wisdom or Law of Chastity or homosexuality issues... and it’s kind of difficult to have progression with such major issues... so I hope that soon we we’ll be able to expand our search of less actives to those who have not so serious issues... Only time will tell...
Summer is officially over and winter apparently is setting in... This is what the people tell me anyways... I personally don't notice a change at all... apparently it is getting colder out but I can't tell... it’s still in the +20's every day! I can't complain! We had rain this week for one day and everybody was running around in winter coats! HAHAHA! I don’t know why, I think that’s so funny... but it’s HILARIOUS! I just jaunt around in my short sleeve white shirt and tie because I’m roasting hot all the time! I'm not complaining really! I'm still kind of jealous of the mild winter that happened at home... sheesh! It doesn't even seem like winter has gone! Has it seriously been 3.5 months since I was home?!?! Time is flying! Although this past week dragged along though...I think the new companion thing was the issue there...
But I’m sorry that I have to leave things hanging! I am right out of time! The work moves forward! And there is Zone Training this wed so I’m excited for that! Oh and we got a hold of Nomvuyo! and set an appointment for next week! so that'll be good! it’s been so long! Anywho... I gotta go!
 Take luck!
-Elder Jones

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