Monday, 5 March 2012

5 March 2012 in the Philippi & Delt area in Cape Town City

Sorry no pictures this week!
 To answer your question mom, I am not sick at all, the food is just normal.. .whatever I buy is the same as back at home and whatever I eat at appointments is just rice and chicken pretty much... so it’s not really anything to adjust to.. Which I don’t mind! It was great getting a lot of emails today actually, but it is getting hard to answer everyone though! Thanks for keeping me updated with everything mom and helping me out so much!
Well another week gone by! This week flew by!! I feel like I was emailing yesterday! I don't have much time to write in this blog today, but I will write a few cool events that happened! First off this week was better with appointments actually happening! There wasn't as many dropped appointments so I actually got to teach people this week! Also while tracking, Elder Beck and I met this lady and her brother who live at their mom's house (very common for older people to live at their parents house) and we started teaching them and then we went back to them this week and taught them the plan of salvation (the first half) and everything is going amazing with them! We were able to teach their mom and a friend as well and they all seem really interested! So I’m excited to see how things turn out with them! We can only teach them once a week though so it might happen slowly, but that’s alright! I'm just super excited to be teaching investigators again! It's nice!
There was a car accident that Elder Beck and I witnessed this week! It was pretty crazy and happened to the car just behind us actually. A taxi (they look like vans) collided with a car and the taxi flipped on its side. Pretty hectic! Just goes to show that missionaries are being protected! Also right after that we saw a drunken guy almost get hit by 2 cars as he was trying to cross the street, and after the second car was driving around him, the passenger opened his window and snatched something out of the hands of the drunken guy and drove off. Turns out that drunken guy viewed this thing that was snatched as really important because he grabbed on to the car as it was driving away and ended up letting go and rolling along the ground. Africa is a crazy place! I think Matt J. would really enjoy that story haha!
We are going to be playing mini putt today... kind of lame I know but we couldn't think of anything else... Maybe we will go to the driving range next Monday... don’t know yet... So how many people still read this blog? By the way, thank you for everyone who emails me and sends me letters! I really appreciate it! Don’t stop! I love getting post! It’s just always so exciting! I love you all! And I'm doing great! Oh yah! I have an ingrown toe nail, and on Wednesday I am going to the doctor and he might be ripping my toenail right off so that will be awesome!!! If he does I’ll definitely send pics! I love you all!
-Elder Jones

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