Monday, 19 March 2012

19th March 2012 The Philippi & Delt area in the City of Cape Town

Here is the result of my toe surgery.
Thanks so much for the pictures! Dad sent me a bunch! Tristan is so big!!!! Thats crazy! Can he talk yet? Thank you so much for doing all that work for me mom! I really appreciate it! I've been so blessed! Keep me updated on how the taxes turn out.
 About the memory card thing... I have three 4GB cards with me... 2 of them are full... one is full of talks, one is full of pictures and videos. I want to be able to keep all of my pictures here as well as send them to you guys because sometimes I like to look through my pictures. So I need either flash drives, or even an external hard drive... I'm going to try to clear up that one memory card by burning all those talks onto a DVD... but ya... that is my situation... I think a flash drive would be more effective for what I want to use it for... And once I get them, I will be sending you back a memory card with all the pictures and video's I’ve taken so far on it! okie dokie?
Sounds like you are super busy with school and work mom! That's good! besides the computer emails, I have received 4 snail mail letters from you. It is slow! Thank you so much I love you! I hope you get the pictures I’m sending you and that I have been sending you! Check dad's email every week ok?
My time is far spent (literally) so today might not be very long... This week was awesome!!!! I had an amazing week!! only 5 appointments all week dropped us! Which is amazing!!!! So I got to do a lot of teaching! We were told last week to not go out finding and to only have investigators if they are member referrals, but it's funny because since then we have had 3 new investigators and all are progressing! That’s more investigators than we had while we were trying to find people! Just shows the blessing that comes with obedience and faithfulness! Oh man I love my mission so much!
Have I ever mentioned how amazing the weather is here!?!?! On Thursday is rained, and it was so funny watching everybody wearing really big and thick coats! And everyone was freezing!!!! I was just walking around in my short sleeve shirt enjoying the rain! It probably got down to +15 as the coldest that day! and all the people thought I was crazy that I wasn't wearing a coat and that I was going to get sick and were wondering why I wasn't freezing! PAHA! I just keep telling everyone, "Canadians don't get cold!" But it’s so funny because anything colder than +18 is freezing to these people! I'm excited for winter! Although I know that this immunity to weather that I have is not going to last forever... my companion who is from Utah was wearing his coat because he was cold... So maybe at the end of my mission I will be effected by the weather, but for now I am loving it!
You guys are lucky that you are having a mild winter back at home! I swear, wherever I am the weather is poopy... and whenever I leave somewhere it just gets amazing! Like last summer when I moved up to Slave Lake to work and then back in Raymond there was the hottest most awesome summer that they have ever had! What’s with that?! It rained and was cold and windy all summer up north! Not fair! It's just me a think... Oh well, I’m a curse!
Any who, the work is awesome! It is almost transfer time! Elder Beck goes home in 2 weeks! So I’ll get a new companion soon! It's about time :P I think I am going to stay in this area though, I don't think they will white wash us... well I’m out of time... but hey! I love you all! I'm sorry I couldn't write more today but just know that South Africa is Awesome! And I have yet to go sand boarding... Also I am finally releasing a photo of my watch tan! And the progression of the surgery on my toe! Enjoy!
-Elder Jones

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