Monday, 12 March 2012

12th March 2012 in the Philippi & Delt area of Cape Town City


Howdy everyone!!!

Well out here in the land of awesome, it's been pretty crazy! First off I think we are the first companions in the world to have ever gotten the command to stop finding investigators!! Crazy! We have been told that the amount of baptisms in the Khyalitsha ward has been too much to handle, and us missionaries have been told to stop tracking, or street contacting, or finding in any form! We are only to have new investigators if they are a member referral. So we are to work with less-actives, recent converts, and ward members! So it is more relaxing but still stressful because we are now dealing with people who have problems instead of people wanting to know the truth. It is also kind of a bummer because teaching investigators is a lot of fun! But oh well... that is what we are to do... I'm not complaining!

Fun fact! My mission has the most diverse range of Elder Nationalities other than Temple Square mission! We have 24 different nationalities of elders! Pretty sweet! I added Canada when I got here! But ya! This week has been very interesting!

I had surgery on my toe because of my ingrown toe nail! That was hectic! The doctor cut a big hunk out of my toe! So I have it all wrapped up right now and I have 3 stitches also! :) I got a video of it! And pictures! It’s pretty sweet! But that isn't going to stop me from going golfing today! I'm stoked!

It's Elder Beck's B-day tomorrow so we are going golfing today! Just at a little par 3 course. It'll be fun though! I am also going to buy some souvenirs today! I really want to buy an ostrich egg! They are sweet! They put cool designs and stuff on them! And I want a few things made from animal skin... I already have a scripture case and a mini book of Mormon made from animal skin! I also apologize for not showing my watch tan yet... I still don't think it is ripe enough... but when is it! You'll know it for sure!

The weather is great! The work is fantastical! And I have gotten a few letters from friends! I got your letter Holly! I was surprised that Dear Elder actually worked! I also got a package from Aunt Terri! Thanks so much! This week went by really fast! The time is just flying! Honestly! It’s crazy that I’ve been out for 3 months already! I am getting less bug bites these days so that’s good! I hope that didn't just jinx me! I don't have any wood to knock on!

Oh ya! We have 2 baptisms set for April 15th! They are pretty solid baptisms too so mark the calendar... but not really cause it still might not happen... ya never know... but it’s a father led family and we just taught them the big two! (Law of chastity and the word of wisdom) and they took it well! They had concerns with coffee, tea, and alcohol, but that’s normal with everyone we teach... but they committed to living them! So that’s sweet! I still don't know how firm their testimony is about the book of Mormon... I kinda have a weird feeling about that... but things are looking promising! It will be awesome to have a father led family! Elder Beck has not had one father led family baptized his whole mission! And he leaves for home this next transfer at the end of this month... so he misses out on this baptism which kinda sucks... but that’s ok! As long as it happened!

Well that is my update for the week!

I am so grateful for everyone’s support!

I love you all! Take care! Till next week!

Elder Jones

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  1. sick toe!!! adam had that done too... ejfbsjebgyu grosssss. im glad to hear youre doing so well my friend!!!! miss ya :)