Saturday, 24 December 2011

Post: Sat Dec 24th Elder Jones is still in the MTC in Johannesburg

I love hearing from everyone! It's amazing! Since I only have half an hour to read all the emails and then reply, I don't have enough time to reply to everything... I'm sorry... I really wish I could.. it kind of sucks... but I can't call home on Christmas... Its MTC rules... I wish I could... but I will be able to on mother’s day! I Love you guys! Tell Aaron that he is crazy!

 I'm grateful for the emails from anona and oma! Thanks so much! Made me smile! It's really nice to hear from home! I'm glad work is going well... I'm really excited to open my Christmas package you put in my suite case!! It's been hard not to! Everyone else opened their packages on the plane flight here and I’m the only one who has actually waited till Christmas! I'm glad I did though!

I'm sending you guys letters and I’m sorry if they don't have a reply to everything you just emailed me... I only have time to write them just before I come in to read my emails... it’s kind of set up poopily but that’s alright... and I can’t send pictures till I’m in the field... so patience on that! I was happy to see the picture Dad sent me of the family though! Made me smile! I don’t really have much time to write many people after I am done reading everything that people have sent to me...

So much has happened this week that I won’t be able to go through everything! The learning and teaching never changes but we were able to go to the Johannesburg Temple on Tuesday! It was so Awesome! It is a smaller temple so it was a different experience, but there were 7 Elders taking their own endowments out! It was an awesome experience! I bought a Zebra skin scripture case from the distribution center, and a mini book of Mormon made out of giraffe skin and giraffe hide! It's sweet! And all legit and real! I won't use them but I’ll just keep them in my suitcase till I come home! I'm excited haha! So the temple was awesome! I got some pictures so you'll get some of those up in a couple weeks!

I love it here at the MTC! I know I have said that before but I love it even more this week! My ping pong skills are sky rocketing! and my Teaching skills are too! I was actually able to teach a real investigator last night! It was scary but incredible! We have a thing every Friday called "TRC" I have no idea what it stands for but it is where we teach someone who we have never seen before! Usually it is just one of the teachers pretending to be an investigator. But for TRC on Fridays it is either a member acting like they are an investigator, or it is a legit investigator! Turns out Elder Kwapeng and I got a legit investigator! So we greeted him and got to know him a bit and were asking him questions and he was a happy guy, older, from the states, just working here, and his brother is a Bishop in our church, and the only reason he came to the missionaries was because his brother asked him if he would do that for his Christmas gift! so he did... and he wanted to know what it was about our church that we loved so much and what it was that we had such a strong desire to serve for 2 years! and he wanted to know what it was about our church that was different than the other churches! So we very boldly brought out the book of Mormon and testified of it and how it would help and bless him and how it was what made our church different from the other churches and so he said he would read it and pray about it to know if it was true!!! ahhh! so awesome!

 I know this is where I am supposed to be and I love it here so much! I wish I had more time but I don’t! I don’t know what dad should do with my car but I haft a go! I love all of you! Be safe!
-Elder Jones

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