Saturday, 17 December 2011

17th Dec 2011 Johannesburg (in the MTC)

Thank you so much oma and opa! I loved the email! 

I get to write you guys every Saturday until I enter the field and then it is every Monday I do believe. Also I get to email you on Christmas, which is a Sunday, so you get an email from me two days in a row! So please email me for both of those days!

My time here at the MTC has been incredible so far! I'm loving it! It is like a utopia! Everybody are friends with each other! Nobody speaks down to anyone! Only uplifting things! And funny things! I love it! I feel the spirit all day every day! I love how I can focus on studying and learning and growing and praying all day every day! Without any distractions! It's such a testimony builder and I've grown so much in only the two days I have been here! I love the people here too! These guys are the best! The Africans are awesome! So happy and funny all the time! They have awesome testimonies! They can be somewhat hard to understand sometimes and sometimes they just start speaking other languages but I don’t mind! So far so good! 

My companion is Elder Kwapeng (qua-peng)! He is awesome! I and he get along so well! It’s just me and him in a room and everyone else is in rooms of 4! Also we have a shower in our rooms for each of us and our laundry machines in our room as well! It’s amazing! Everyone else has to go and shower and wash their clothes in a public bathroom downstairs! Ha-ha! But Elder Kwapeng is awesome! He is African, from Johannesburg, is serving in Uganda, and is really funny! He can speak 5 different languages! But he is also very reserved and chill! I like it! And I learn lots from him!

So the weather here is pretty much the best thing ever!!! +27 during the day! Sunny! No wind! No bugs! How can it get better! Although I find myself always taking cold showers... ha-ha! I went running with Elder Kwapeng this morning and I was dead after 5mins! And he ran twice as far as I did! I am so out of shape!

I get to teach an "investigator" tonight! ahhh! It’s just practice so it’s not a real investigator but still! It is going to seem real and I want to do well! Although I know I am going to mess up... but me and Elder Kwapeng and going to try our best! 

Oh yeah! So the MTC, the chapel, the mission home, and the institute building are all within our little compound. Our little compound is surrounded by an 8 foot wall and enclosed with gates that are very pointy on top! Not to mention we have 24/7 security guards at the entrance... not scary at all! I think it is just so people don’t come to steal from us because our buildings are so nice. I'm so excited to get out into Cape Town though! The MTC really is amazing! 

There are like 20 or so missionaries here at the MTC and we are so comfortable with each other and we all share what we are thinking during classes and we all help each other grow and learn! Of course people are still immature. lol! What do you expect when they are all 19 eh? That’s alright though! 

My MTC mission president acts and looks so much like President Monson! It's kind of funny actually! He's pretty cool! So I actually don’t have any name tags... I was supposed to get my name tags in the mail but I didn’t and everyone else here did... The person that makes the name tags is on holidays and won’t be back till after I leave so I won't get any tags till I’m in the field! AHH! So right now I just have this makeshift name tag held together by tape! Ya I'm jealous of everyone else! I haven't really taken many pictures... My apologies... I have taken some though! Only like 10 or so haha! And I got one with Elder Kwapeng! I'll send pictures soon. So I had more things to say before I started typing this email out. I'll let you know next time! 

I love it out here! I really do! I miss you guys too but I've accepted that I won’t be back for two years so just get used to that idea. I have also gotten used to the idea of not seeing any snow for two years. It wasn't hard once I experienced this incredible weather! I just want to shout out to all my friends! I love you guys! Thanks for all your love and support! I needed it!

You guys are amazing and I highly suggest a mission for everyone! I hope I don't sound too much like a missionary... I’m definitely going to miss boggle! That’s alright though! Maybe Holly will be able to beat me when I come back! But I’ll just win with all the Afrikaans words I’ll know! ha-ha. I want to hear from Marshall! Is he moved to Calgary yet? It has only been 2 days I know... sorry! But keep me updated on these things! Alright well I haft a go. 

I love this gospel! It really is true! I know it with all my heart! I feel it every day! I am so grateful to be here serving a mission! I love you all! 

-Elder Jones

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