Sunday, 25 December 2011


MTC Missionaries on Christmas morning. Elder Jones right side back row.

I love you Oma and Opa! I'm sorry I cant respond to everyone cause I have such little time to write! But I will continue with just saying everything I can as fast as i can.

I love the Christmas package!!! It was amazing! Couldn’t have asked for a better gift really! It wasn’t hard to open the gifts after reading the scripture and writing down the word, but figuring out that riddle is killing me! I even asked other Elders if they could figure it out and nobody can! So I guess I made a mistake... I will have to get all the wrappings out of the garbage and try to figure it out again! I'll get it!

 By the way I had an amazing Christmas! After the gift and reading all the letters from home that were in them, I was feeling great! Then to make things better there was sacrament meeting at 10 and Elder Cook (The general authority who spoke last general conference with the talk called 'Look Up') was here with us! It was awesome! I shook his hand like ten times and he spoke to us and he wrote a little message in the back of my hymnbook that Grandma and Grandpa gave me! So awesome!

 I also spoke in sacrament meeting... I was given the topic "Christ’s arrival and ministry in the America's" and it went really well! I cried as usual.... can't help it... but I shared about Moroni's Quest and how I was able to experience the savior coming and being able to touch him and how real it was and I also told the story of dads mission about how him and his companion were glowing. It went really well. I sang in a quartet and we sang angels we have heard on high and it went really well... we actually got Elder and Sister Cook to cry so that was a bonus!

Then we had a big Christmas lunch with turkey and ham and mashed potatoes and everything! and i ate and spoke with Elder and Sister Cook the whole time! It was awesome! Such nice people! I really, really like it here! I always feel the spirit! I’m spoiled! Last night our MTC mission president and his wife gave us all stockings full of stuff! It was amazing!

This Christmas was great! Although I would have totally pummeled Kim in the foosball tournament! I miss you guys! I love you! I’m not home sick but I love seeing pictures and hearing about everything! It makes my day! I'm here serving the very person you and everyone at home are celebrating today! So even by celebrating Christmas you are supporting me! I have taken pictures and you will get them once I enter the field because I’m not allowed to email pictures here in the MTC for some reason... probably because it takes too long...

… mom I also noticed that everything in my gift was green! Nice choice! ha-ha! I was so confused! Half this stuff I’m probably going to get rid of... sorry but I’m pretty sure my bags are way over weight but I’m really happy you gave me that mini book of Mormon! It was well needed! I hope all of you have an amazing Christmas!

Africa is amazing so far! Every house has a tall fence with spikes onto or an electric fence... so that’s kind of scary! But that’s alright! I’m going to Cape Town anyways and I’ve been told that that is much better than Johannesburg! I love you all! Thanks for the support! Also I sent a letter with multiple letters in it... so mom can you give them to the people I say to... and also I was going to write Marshall but I didn’t have time and I wanted to write a longer one... so Marshall will haft a wait a bit longer for his letter... if you can try to get Marshall’s address for me so that I don’t need to have you always giving letters to my friends!


Thanks so much mom! Merry Christmas everyone!

-Elder Jones

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