Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year Dec 31 still MTC Johannesberg

Hey! Happy New Year! Well I will definitely work on that quote some more! ( Adrian’s mom put a puzzle together using the scriptures) I just can't see why the word worms or the word excel would be in a quote... there are 17 words in it right? I just don't know if there has been some mistake somewhere... maybe I am just dumb haha! I'll keep working on it! Also my card doesn't work at stores... it only works at the ATM... So I will definitely take more out from now on and just keep it in my apartment if I ever need it. We get mission cards for our food and everything so I’ll try to use my money as little as possible.

 I'm so proud of Tristan! What a good kid!

And that is a huge looking elk!!! I don't know much about elk but that looks like a biggin! Good work Riley!  I love hearing about home! I've written a few letters now so you should be getting some soonish?

 I leave the MTC Tuesday early in the morning so I am in the field in 3 days! CRAZY! I'm super excited though! My P-day isn't till the Monday... so I can't email you until the Monday after I get into the field... Sorry... but I will definitely send some pictures with my emails! I have lame pictures though... haha!

The MTC has been great and I have learned so much but I am done with it! I can't wait to get out of here! We call it "Spirit Prison" and that is definitely the name that describes it! Just being stuck in here is killing me! I want to get out and experience Africa! The people are pretty sweet but I cannot pronounce anybody's names for the life of me! I am definitely going to struggle with that! The teaching has been going very well as of so far! Turns out that "real investigator" I talked about in the last email was just the ward mission leader and he was acting very well because he had me convinced! But being here at the MTC is actually pretty tough... I have had some tough times but I just keep my faith in Heavenly Father and he pulls me through every time!

 I really really miss snowboarding!!! It's killing me! Elder DeWitt (He's from Utah) talk about snowboarding all the time and it is killing me! I wish I could have gone once before I left... haha! Oh well I guess two years of missionary work is more important... But really it is so that helps me keep snowboarding off my mind! I just really hope Matt J. is snowboarding! Keep me proud Matt! So Marshall is in Calgary eh? Well I am sending him a letter today so he should have it in a few weeks...

Have I ever mentioned how amazing the weather is here?! It just doesn't stop amazing me! Also we had a health meeting this week, and I am so lucky to be going to Cape Town! All the elders in Kenya have to deal with crazy skin eating worms and maggots that bury into their skin and larvae on their laundry and malaria and everything like that! Whereas me in Cape Town, they said that Malaria isn't anywhere! They said South Africa is a malaria safe zone so I don't have to take those pills thank goodness! If I were going to any other mission in Africa I would have to take those pills! But if I go to Namibia I have to take them... I hate how I only have half an hour to read and type my emails but I will have an hour in the field so my next email will be better! I love you all! I really love the support from everybody! Let me know when Anona pops!

By the way the church is true! Just in case you were wondering! I'm so happy I’m on a mission and I couldn't have been blessed more than I have been! Oh and I am a professional ping pong player so when I get home I challenge anyone to a game of ping pong! I will PWN you all!!!! and I still want to face Kim in Fooseball! Till next time!
-Elder Jones
(P.S. I get real name tags today! So I don't have to be in the field with this terrible, taped together, name tag! WOOT!!!)

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