Wednesday, 27 November 2013

25 Nov 2013, Distric Leader, Mdanstane South Africa

I'm glad they did a conference on member missionary work for stake conference. We just had a Missionary Fireside with our ward here yesterday. It was really nice. Hopefully it helps to start or ignite a fire for doing missionary work.

As for which day to do the Christmas/family/friends night it doesn't matter to me... Hopefully I get released Saturday morning... I want to be released before the family/friends night so that I can hug everyone!

Thanks for that quote mom! It's a good one. It makes you do a self introspection that's for sure!

Well from my side, I'm still doing great! I'm still in denial that I'm going home, and I definitely am not counting down the days... In fact I try to leave the amount of time I have left as shady as I can. Even when people tell me how many days I have left I put up a mental block and forget what they said moments later. I'm actually impressed with how well I'm able to mentally avoid the fact. It's not that I don't want to go home, but I want to stay focused till the end. So far so good!

Our area is on fire! We had 8 investigators at church. 6 of which have baptismal dates for next month. We have this incredible father led family we are working with that I think I told you about last time and the son came to church yesterday! They are doing so awesome and it seems like we get sucked into their home every visit and lessons go way over time because they are so interested and keep asking questions and want to know more! I love it!

  There are 4 other young men we are working with who are all friends and there is another young man we are teaching as well. We have a few other investigators we are working with and who keep us busy along with the 8 recent converts we need to see every week and the vast number of LA's we are trying to track down from the ward list. So we are busy buSY BUSY!! We honestly have too much to do for the time we get in the area.

 An Elder who I was with in the MTC who is serving in Uganda gets off his mission this Friday and he's from here. So he'll be flying to Cape Town and then hopefully flying to East London (Where I am now). If he flies here I'll get to meet up with him! That would be so sweet! I'm excited!

Well thanks for the emails! Thanks Aunt Terri for all you've done over the course of my mission! I wish I would have shown my appreciation more for all that you have done but know I love you and I'm grateful for your loving support of me!

Thanks for everyone else and everything you all do for me! I love you all so much! Time is flying by too fast! Take luck!


-Elder Jones

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