Tuesday, 3 December 2013

2 Dec 2013, Distric Leader, Mdanstane South Africa


 I just need to say this first of all before anything so I don't forget!

Please don't forget to bring my winter coat when you pick me up from the airport! I'll freeze to death if you don't! Ok that's all...

 Honestly, I like that Idea of separating family and friends... I was concerned about that before but I think it would be best to do them separate. I don't want people competing for my attention and I think the family would feel weird with all of my friends around anyways.

 So maybe family on Sat evening and then friends on Sun evening?

 If that's not too much of a hassle?

 Oma was also telling me about the snow storm. I hope it's not going to be too bad. I was showing my companion pictures of home and of the snow and he was so fascinated because he has never felt snow before. Actually a majority of the people here don't know what snow feels like. My companion wants to feel snow so badly! So I just scraped some ice off the back of our freezer and threw it at him and told him that it's practically like that. He still wasn't satisfied.

 As for how our area is doing, it's doing great! We had an investigator come to church and afterwards had a powerful lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ with him. He's super ready for baptism and we are working with his father and brother as well, but they aren't progressing as fast as he is.

 It's exciting! I don't know how to describe everything that's happening in our area, because it is a lot! We are working with less actives and going through the ward list, and we are working with recent converts. We are finding new investigators and teaching progressing investigators. Things are going great! Just busy busy busy! Too much work! I'm loving it!

 Well I have one more day of emailing before I'm home. So I hope everything is going to be ok. I love you all too much! Take Luck!

-Elder Jones

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