Tuesday, 12 November 2013

11 Nov 2013, District Leader, Mdanstane South Africa

Hey Mom and Dad!

 So my time is running out faster than I thought... I was getting complacent with my emailing pace but I'll have to type a bit quicker! Thanks for the updates on everything. The sound of snow is ringing in my ears and I am rejoicing at the thought!

 That's a good idea about a fireside, and I even think that every year they usually hold a MTC thing where RM's and Full time Missionaries do a kind of MTC thing where for some hours they do workshops and classes and then give talks and they go out and visit people, then have a testimony meeting. Those sorts of things are awesome!

 As for investigators and our area, it's doing really well! It'll be picking up more I think over the next few weeks. We are now teaching a father led family! In fact there is a Father and 3 sons! Potential Priesthood home! Usually in South Africa you'll find a mother with a bunch of daughters. Actually that is really common, so what a blessing it is that we are teaching a father and his sons. Right now we are only teaching the father and one of his sons, but they are doing really great and said that they were going to come to church on Sunday! So I'm stoked about that!

My companion Elder Warantino and I are getting along great and I'm getting into shape with our morning exercises! He's a beast! I didn't realize how big of a boxer he really was. Like he is famous! He was undefeated for a long time at one point. He said that he was in the newspapers and on the television and everyone was scared to face him. He's sweet!

 Haha I showed another Elder the picture of dad's truck with 3 trailers and about dad he said, "He's Boss!" You wouldn't be able to drive that load around on these roads here! They are way too small for that many trailers. No room to turn. Well I need to go. We are washing our cars today and having a BBQ then going to a FHE tonight. I love you all! Take luck!

-Elder Jones

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