Tuesday, 19 November 2013

18 Nov 2013, District Leader, Mdanstane South Africa


Thanks a ton for the emails! I don't even know where to start! haha!

First off, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! I don't even know what day it is though... but if you were to have spent that much money here on a meal that would be an insane meal!!! Here, if you spend over R50 ($5.00) on a meal at a restaurant, you are eating a nice meal! Most of the meals I get are usually around R30-R40. So to get a R800-R900 meal would be an incredible meal! You could probably feed 20 people with that!

 The transition from here to home is going to be so strange for me! I might just die from stinginess!

 Well just so you know I have had a really good week! There is too much work to do in our area and not enough time to do it... I honestly wish I could fit about 4-5 more appointments into the day! I would consider going on splits to accommodate all of the appointments, but Elder Warantino is still learning English and can't teach a full lesson in English yet... So we will stick together.

 We were supposed to be having 4 baptisms at the end of this month of 4 boys that we are teaching, but after a lesson with them yesterday, I don't think that these boys will be ready in time for the 30th... it might have to be pushed back another month... there is one boy though who is prepared, but for him to get baptized and not the other 3 might be a bad idea... so we are still figuring out what we will do... we'll see. The work here is great though! I like the ward a lot!

 It has been raining like crazy though! It makes it pretty fun because the drainage systems here are terrible, so the roads just get flooded, and it's very hilly here so some roads turn into rivers and everything! It's pretty fun to drive around in! I didn't take any pic’s though... my camera's battery is terrible and only lasts like a day, so It's always dead when I want to take pic’s. Haha!

 I don't really know what else to write! I'm working hard! I love the work! I love the gospel! I love growing and learning more and I'm still growing and learning each day! I'm getting to know the word "charity" more and more each day. Not only is it the Pure Love that Christ has for us, but it is also the Pure Love that we have for Christ. I love you all and I think you for your support of me! Take care!


-Elder Jones

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