Wednesday, 15 May 2013

13th May 2013 Senior Zone Leader in Cape Town, South Africa

Hello again!

Man skyping you all was awesome!!!!! Loved it!!! TOO MUCH!!! It feels like the Christmas Skype call was last week, so i was worried that we wouldn't have anything to talk about, but it was awesome! I loved it! Looks like you are all doing well! Too bad I wasn't able to see Kim... But thank you so much for being there Aaron! That was awesome!!! And Oma! It's too bad Grandma and Grandpa were sick... I'll write you a letter! I just have the greatest family ever! It was also awesome to see Anona and Riley and Talia and Tristan!!! Tristan is so big!!! I don't know what to say in this email... but Mother's Day is awesome!
Happy Mother's Day to all those Mothers out there!
Well this week is transfer week, and I still don't know my news yet so I might be staying, I might be going... But I'll let you know a little about this past week. We have been having some powerful lessons with some investigators. We have a few investigators who are very intelligent in relation to the scriptures. So we are having some powerful lessons and the spirit is strong in them. So we had a few of those. Then on Wednesday I went on Exchanges with Elder Jones, so there were two of us! It was funny coming to people's houses and we'd introduce ourselves! They would be confused!

Then on Friday we went on exchanges with the Paarl elders, and I was able to go with them to Franschhoek. Turns out Franschhoek is where my Recent Convert moved to from Knysna, so I was able to say hi to him! It was awesome!!! I'll send some pictures.

But also I found out some bad news. A cousin from one of my Recent Converts from Knysna,  lost her 18 month old toddler in a fire that also killed the person who was taking care of the child. The mother left her child at a sitter so she could work, and the house burnt down... :(   I loved that kid... I was there for his 1 year bday. The mother is in Malawi now, but I’m going to see if i can get permission to call her.

So that was my week this week. I need to send stats and reports to President Wood now, but here are some pics of Franschhoek at a members, I love you all TOO MUCH!!! Thank you for all of the Support and Aunt Terri for the Awesome Cookies!!! Cake Cookies are too good!!! Mmmm...

-Elder Jones


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