Monday, 11 February 2013

11 Feb 2013 in Mthatha South Africa

Good Morning!

Thanks for the update and pictures. I know I say that a lot but thanks!
This week was not very eventful because Elder Bullock and I were sick on Tuesday and stayed in the house all day.

Picture shows a cool cheetah eating a black man’s foot, all fake of course!
On Thursday we took the long trip up to Queenstown for Zone meeting, and we came back Friday night. Saturday we were on exchanges and were able to teach a lesson, it was great. Sunday we taught 3 more lessons, have and baptismal commitment, and a new investigator! It was a good productive day.  We have a potential priesthood holder committed to baptism! I'm stoked! We haven't set a date yet, but probably sometime in March. We have 2 investigators getting their Baptismal Interviews this Friday and their baptism is on the 24th of Feb! It's so exciting being on mission and seeing people progress and better their lives so nicely! I don't have too much to say this week.

Me cutting grass the way that they do here, with a metal blade,
On P-Day Elder Bullock and I made a weight set using a bar, buckets, and concrete. I will have to take a pic and send it sometime. Elder Bullock and I have been running a lot and working out, so I'm trying to lose my flab and get ripped! Elder Bullock was an MMA fighter (mixed martial arts) so he is gun ho when it comes to fitness! Plus he is really strong! I've learned to love exercise and I WILL be doing P90X when I get home! Buyah! I hope Riley is down to join me! :) Other than, that there is not much to say.

The latest prank Elder Bullock did to Elder Taylor (put his bed and desk and everything into the bathroom).

Thanks Aunt Terri for the Valentines gift! Thank you everyone for all the constant support! I'm still working on writing to everyone, but it takes time! Love you all! Take Luck!

Elder Jones                                         

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