Wednesday, 20 February 2013

18 Feb 2013 in Mthatha, South Africa


It's been another great week on mission! No snow here though. I'm kind of jealous that you have snow, but that's alright, I'm sure you are jealous of my weather right now too.

Thanks for the update on everything! Sounds like everyone is doing well.
Well this week was interesting! Full of adventure! Monday for P-Day we went Crocodile hunting! Steve Irwin style! Elder Bullock is adamant that he saw a Croc in the river as we crossed a bridge one day, so we were asking some of the people here and they said that croc's do live in the river. He got pumped, and so we went croc hunting. It ended up being kind of lame and we didn't catch anything or see anything, but it was kind of fun searching the river bank.


Tuesday, Elder Bullock and I needed to head to East London for Leadership training. We came back Wednesday, so our week pretty much started on Thursday. On Thursday the Zone leaders came from Queenstown to do exchanges and we taught a couple lessons that day too. For supper, we went to Panorratis (all you can eat pizza place) that night. It was awesome!

 Then Friday the Zone Leaders interviewed our two baptismal candidates, and they both passed! I'm stoked! They will be getting baptized next Sunday! It's so awesome! Also on Saturday I was privileged to go on Exchanges with Elder Taylor, and I was able to interview their baptismal candidate. It was awesome! One of the most spiritual experiences I have had on mission so far! It is so amazing how the Gospel can truly change people, and I have seen it so much on mission and I feel so much joy seeing the joy that the gospel brings into other people's lives! I just want to share this with everyone! So there will be 3 baptisms this coming Sunday!

In contrast to that great news, I received a call this morning from President Wood... the bad news is that I won't be able to stay in Mthatha to see the baptisms happen on Sunday... The good news is that he gave me my transfer news, and... well... I'm going to Panorama to be with Elder Twitchell as the Cape North Zone Leader!!! I'm excited! No more District meetings to hold!! Woot! Also I won't have to wait an extra week to get my post because I will be in Cape Town and be picking it up from the office myself for the zone! Woot! I'm stoked! But bummed at the same time... I really wish I could have seen the baptisms...

 If this transfer would have been a normal transfer with 6 weeks instead of 5 weeks, I would have been able to... but It's not... So I'll be saying goodbye to everyone today and tomorrow... I'll probably fly out to Cape Town on Wed. I'm stoked! Well my time is far spent! But Mission is AWESOME!!!! I'm loving life! Thanks for the help Grandma and Grandpa! Thanks to everyone for everything they do for me! I love you all so much! Take Luck!

-Elder Jones

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