Thursday, 11 October 2012

8th Oct 2012 Knysna, South Africa

Thanks for the update! I always appreciate it! Good work on your exams mom! You are awesome! And ya that announcement in conference about missionaries was awesome! I got to watch the first session on Sat and most of the first session on Sunday but that’s it so far.
I don't have much time to write today. I am not in Knysna right now, but I'm in PE and the clock is clicking and my internet time is flying by so I can’t put pictures with this letter now! Thanks for your pictures though! Aaron’s board game looks pretty intense too! Can’t wait to play it.  Also that turkey looks divine! I'm jealous! I hope you ate some for me too! How is my car doing dad? Have you taken it for a spin lately? I haven't gotten the package yet, but it’ll come I’m sure! I love you both a ton!
What a week... Challenges are just flying at me left and right! But the Lord has his hand in all things; I just need to rely on him to pull me through! Even in my times of most struggles, I find that if I pray and seek for help or for an answer, I always receive one! It's incredible! So it's comforting to know I'm not alone. I am still managing with this training! I am learning a ton and am noticing alot of my weaknesses... alot... too much! anyways...
This week was nice! we had some good appointments and were able to get a few new investigators. The work is progressing, slowly but surely. I have also learnt that members can be the biggest and greatest help when it comes to missionary work, and also they can be the most devastating problem when it comes to missionary work... I'm dealing with a case right now where a certain family has been super spoiled by missionaries, and that have received so much attention from them, but now that I am swamped with a ton of responsibilities, including extra studies, and the big workload of the area, the family feels as though we are neglecting them... and I am not neglecting them! I love them and want to serve them, but we can't spend all of our time there, and they don't really understand that too well... so it is becoming a burden on the work... and that is a struggle I have right now... usually I wouldn't write of any struggles I’m having, but this is just something that is on my mind and I can hardly think of anything else... forgive me for this week’s events.
But right now I am in P.E. We have Zone Training this week, and I am really excited for it! Also it's interviews with the mission president! Woot! I'm excited! I'm sorry that this letter is so short for the blog but I’m paying for the internet time and the time is clicking by!
Thank you Aunt Terri! I loved it! Just what my sweet tooth needed!! And thanks to everyone who has sent me letters! I am trying my best to respond to them, but my time is being absorbed by other things! I love you all! Take luck!
--Elder Jonse-- 

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