Tuesday, 23 October 2012

22 Oct 2012 Knysna South Africa

Hello Mom and Dad,

I bet you did great on your final exam mom, let me know your grade when you find out! So now what can you do? What is your title? We had the primary presentation this week here too, but I'll talk more about that later. That's cool about the temple dedication this weekend! I wish I could be there for it! But that's alright... I'm in SOUTH AFRICA!!! I really really really miss the temple! I hope you realized that when I get back, and after being deprived of the temple for 2 years, we are going to be going alot!!! TOO MUCH!!! I love you both!

 Part of the package
Don't worry about me, everything is ok! Just keep praying for me and all will be well! I can't express how much I appreciate your prayers! And let Grandma and Grandpa know that I said thank you, really appreciate it! Also I got your letter in the card and the package! I Loved it too much and I ate and shared like all of it within like 3 days! I'm sorry, I had to share, I just can't not share

Last week I wasn't able to write much but we had this cool youth activity and where there was karate and stuff and self defense, so I have some pictures from that. It was fun though!
This week has been a rather productive one. Maybe not so much statistic wise, but we were able to be productively busy all the time. In fact some more time would be nice! We have some really cool people that we are teaching though! And some good news about old investigators that we haven't seen in a month or so!

I'll start with the new ones! That Zimbabwean father led family we are teaching are doing great! The mother is really gung hoe with everything we share and understands everything extremely well! The Father has shared with us a desire he has to stop smoking and he is also rather willing and interested in the things we share! We have been able to teach all of Lesson 1, and they have a Book of Mormon also and said they would read ponder and pray about it! The only thing is that we still have to see them come to church, but I think once they come once, they will come over and over again!

      I learnt how to make pap, so I made a classic African dish, and no that is not mashed potatoes!
Another man we are teaching is like super gung hoe with everything we share and has even referred us to his friend who we have both taught now. He understands very well and is learning so much! And he even shared with us that every time we come and visit him, he gets this warm feeling inside. Not like it’s burning and uncomfortable, but something that is nice and makes him feel peace and a calmness and joy! So that was awesome when we heard that! So we jumped on that and explained that he was feeling the influence of the Holy Ghost, and he wants to feel that always so he wants us to come back alot! He's cool! Law of Chastity Issues, but that can be resolved. With our old investigators, 2 of them came to church on Sunday! We hadn't seen them in a month, but they were at church! That was awesome! So we are going to keep teaching them again! I love them!
Also, yesterday was the primary presentation in church, and that was awesome! There are only like 9 or 10 children, but they managed to pull off a pretty good presentation! And all of the kids, even the 3 year old, said their memorized lines perfectly! I even had a part in it, haha! I shared a story about two boys and putting silver coins in a poor man’s shoes while he was working. But it was really nice and the spirit was strong! It was awesome to see how even this tiny little branch, as unorganized as it is, was able to pull that off!

This week is transfer week, but nothing is changing for me... I'm staying in Knysna and training still for another 6 weeks. I'm not complaining because I really love this place! But it's so secluded that I have no idea what is happening in the rest of the mission for transfers... I'll have to wait till the newsletter comes out! I also want to say thanks for everyone who has written me and continues to write me! I am so grateful for that! I wish I could write back to all of you so quickly, but I am super swamped! I'll try my best but I might not be able to send one back very soon. I'm going to spend some time today writting letters. Thanks for everything!
 -Elder Jones

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