Thursday, 18 October 2012

15 Oct 2012 Knysna South Africa

Sounds like a really eventful week! Thanks for the update of everything! First I want to apologize because today we aren't going to be able to email for long... the chapel internet ran dry for this month, so it might be the same next week too... and the place we are emailing at right now is really expensive.. so this will be short again.
I'm glad Aaron is alright! That must have been scary for Kim to have Aaron in so much pain! I'm really happy he is ok now! An answer to prayers to be honest! Now me and him are twinners! My scar is a bit lower though... but twinners none the less!
Well I clicked 10 months on mission today! How crazy is that?!? blows my mind really! I honestly have no perception of time anymore... Time is obsolete... it has no meaning anymore! All I know is that I never have enough of it!
Whenever I tell people how its snowing at home they always say that they will never live in Canada! Paha! I just laugh! I love you both so much! Please stay safe and don't die in a snow storm!  
Another busy week and no time to write! We had Zone Training this week and also it was interviews with President! Man I love interviews with president! He was such a big help to me! He gave me some good advice to help me through the trials I was facing. What an amazing man! I love him! Training was really awesome! After training we drove the 3 hours back to Knysna, and then that night the Zone Leaders came and stayed the night and we had exchanges the next day. It was awesome! 
At one point we were all at Sister Nolundi's house and outside her house was this group of 20 yr olds running around with knives and robbing people, and we could see them from the door of her house. My companion was really nervous, I wasn't too nervous because I have seen worse, but he was really nervous and started praying quietly to himself, and he told me afterwards that right when he had finished praying, he looked up and the people were gone. That was pretty cool! Goes to show the power of prayer! Those guys were out there for a while and right when the prayer was done they were gone! I'd say that's awesome!  
We have had some awesome success with finding new investigators and finding those who are prepared and willing to listen and learn! We recently have started teaching a father led family from Zimbabwe and they are really excited about the things we are teaching them, and also a potential priesthood holder who is also rather interested in the message of the Restored Gospel!
It goes to show that the Lord is preparing people in the world to hear the Gospel and if I have faith and rely on him, he will lead us to them, or they will be led to us! I love it! I love this work! My faith and knowledge grows every day!
Well My time is far spent! Take Luck!
-Elder Jones

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