Monday, 13 August 2012

13th Aug 2012 in the city of Knysna, South Africa

Hi Mom and Dad,
The Olympics over already?!!? Poop! I was definitely expecting more golds! I’m sure they'll do better in Brazil next time. Mike Freeze is Leaving soon!! That's awesome!!! I'm excited for him!
Also, I heard from Elder Palmer, and I'm sorry to ask for this... but, would it be ok if maybe you could forward or email me Elder Palmer's blog every week? I just found out that his mom is sending mine to him every week, and he knows alot about my mission and what I'm up to.
Also thank you so much for sending that priesthood line of authority! Thank you for all the updates!  Keep me posted! Good to hear your eye is doing better dad.  I'm sorry but that sounds like it would be really funny to see when you look one way and your eye is stuck and the other moves! I hope your eye fully recovers soon dad!
Sounds like you had a nice time at Lake Louise on your holidays! I'm jealous! I was supposed to go there last year for snowboarding but I wasn't able to because of the car accident... :( poopy... That's cool that you saw a bear! I'll let you know about my baptism in my blog. Thanks for the email! You have no idea how lucky and blessed I am to have you both updating me so much! I really appreciate it! I love you both so much! Take care! And dad, get well! Mom, keep doing what you are doing! And I got a snail mail letter from you mom this week! Thanks! Love you both! Now to update you with my events from last week.
You see the water in the baptismal font in the picture? That's why every boarding (apartment) has water filters! And yes that was the color of the water that I did the baptism in...

Yup! We had a baptism this week! Eric has just been baptized and it was awesome!!! He was so prepared it was ridiculous! This man is a Saint! Just an all around wonderful person! I find that the people I have been able to meet on mission are of the most Christ-like people I have ever met! He is one of the couples who separated from his wife just to fulfill the commandment of the Law of Chastity because they had a tribal wedding and not a government wedding but it is recognized now as an official wedding! So faithful and willing to sacrifice everything for the truth! His Cousin, Julius, is also going to get baptized in 2 weeks! I am really excited for that! But yes this was my first actual baptism that I performed since I have been here...
First time I was able to put on my whites and, as you can see from the picture, my white shirt I am wearing isn't white anymore because of the color of the water... haha!
So yesterday was a good day! This past week though was nice! We were able to go to George for District Meeting, because after District Meeting, Elder Andriamanantena had to do a baptism interview. While he was in the interview, The George Elders and I were outside and we found camelians (spelling?) in the bushes! That was awesome!

The work is going very well here in Knysna! Our teaching pool is big! We had 8 new investigators this week and we had 9 investigators at church on Sunday! Life is good! So next week I get to see Bro. Eric be confirmed, then the week after we get to have another baptism! Sorry, this is just too cool! And if Bro. Eric has the Aaronic Priesthood by then, he can baptize his cousin Julius! That would be sweet!
Anywho! Thank you Aunt Terri! I got the package! Loved it! Thanks for the letter Grandma! And thank you to everyone else who sends me letters and packages and who supports me! You are a huge help! Things are great here! Just working along! I love the work! I love the people! I love all of you! Take Luck!
Elder Jones

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