Thursday, 23 August 2012

Aug 20th in Knysna South Africa

Hi Mom Dad
That's too cool!! No quad stories is ok with me when there is a story as cool as that! You go mom! Even bears have nothing on ya! How cool is my mom?
 Sounds like everyone is having a blast! Wow, first time dad’s siblings are all together in 21years! Woot! Wish I could be there to experience that! But then again Anthony and Ben are both on missions too haha! So I guess I'm not alone.
 Sounds like the weather is just awesome there too! I always miss the good weather! Remember last summer when I was working up north and it was raining and cold all summer, but in Raymond it was roasting hot and sunny all summer!?!? Ya that was a bummer! Oh well, I have many summers ahead of me, not to mention I’M IN AFRICA!!!
Time is just zooming! We are already half way through this transfer! Crazy! I'm assuming that next transfer I'll be training and District leader here in Knysna. Unless I go to Namibia, but we'll see when the time comes! I love you both! Thanks for the emails! I love them alot!


No let me fill you in on my last week. Brother Eric has now been confirmed! Woot! Next Sunday, Brother Eric's cousin, Julius (his name is Julius Ceaser, how cool is that?!?), is going to be baptized! We also have 4 people so far with baptism dates on September 23rd, but I’ll keep you posted on those! I hope we will have a bunch more with baptism dates this week! Our teaching pool is huge! I like it alot! We had 8 investigators at church this Sunday, which was alright, but we could have had more... I don't know what happened...
  Man, here in Knysna, there are so many people from all over the place! I really wanted to learn a language while I am here in Africa, but there are so many languages that focusing on one, is like impossible! And almost everyone speaks English also so it makes it easy for me to just speak English all the time. But there is Chichewa, Tumbuka, Xhosa, Shona, Afrikaans, Zulu, Swahili and recently we have some Sutu investigators! What language do I learn? Andiazi (I don't know)! So I just have bits and pieces of a bunch of different languages, but altogether it does not benefit me very much! If I ever go to Namibia they speak different languages there too! Paha! It's just hectic that’s all!
My companion has had a back problem for the entire 3 months that I have been with him, and It seems like it is not getting better at all but getting worse, so he has been having some treatment and stuff, and he can't sit very often during appointments, but he is a trooper and we are still doing the work. I think we will go to the doctor again sometime soon...
If there is anything I miss the most from home, it is the quality of food! But you've heard that before. Recently I bought a bunch of Smokey’s that I could just quickly grab for lunches and stuff. I was saddened when I noticed that the Smokey's were nothing like ours from home... It's like a dollar store quality of Smokey... but even that is better than these! This is very common with a lot of the food here in South Africa... oh well.. I'm still alive and I'm loving my mission!
I can't even explain how awesome of an experience it is to be here and to see the lives of so many people affected by the true Gospel! It seems like the people are flocking to us to hear the message of the Restoration! So much so that I haven't taught the Plan of Salvation for what seems like ages! But I could spit out the restoration perfectly and quote every scripture by heart and answer every question possible! I've taught that lesson probably about 100 times since I've been here in Knysna! I can hardly wait to get all those people progressing through to the Plan of Salvation! It's exciting!
Enjoy the nice summer weather you have up there! Because Winter is just around the corner! I only get summer and spring all year round! Take Luck!
Shaganaka! (Shona)        -Elder Jones


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