Monday, 25 June 2012

25th June 2012 New Area, City of Knysna, South Africa

Hi mom and dad
About that police clearance stuff! Thank you so much for getting all that figured out! I'm sorry that the power of attorney didn't work out the way they thought... we'll know for the next time I go on mission :P ha-ha! I will do that today after emailing! I'll go to the station and do all that you just told me to do. I'll even fax it today! I've told you before how much I love you right mom? Cause I love you like crazy! Thank you for all you have done and continue to do!
I hope everything goes well with the tree and that you don’t have to dig it up and plant another one… GOOD WORK ON ANOTHER EXAM MOM!!! And you were wondering where us kids got our smarts from! Paha!
Thanks to both of you for updating me on all the family stuff happening! You have no idea how blessed I am to have such a supportive family emailing me all the time and updating me on everything! I love you guys! Dad sounds like you guys had a blast last Sat quadding. I am glad Aaron is OK and didn’t get injured.  That’s funny about Tyson! So him and Freeze are going to the same mission? So how many missionaries do we have out on missions now from our ward?  Say hi to Tori for me! I wish I could be there for the July 1st weekend! And see the Raymond marching band! Paha....! I Love you dad!
Time to fill you in about my last week ok! What an eventful week it has been! Transfers and all! I said goodbye to everybody in Khayelitsha on Tuesday... I'm going to miss those people... there are some incredible people there... but I know that Knysna has some powerful people too! We'll transfers went well. No issues. I was able to get all of my stuff in my luggage with leaving behind minimal things... Mostly just curios and stuff anyways... my carry on was alot heavier than it should have been, but the airport doesn't ever check the carry on, they always just check the check in luggage. So my carry on was almost as heavy as my luggage paha!
 I managed to fly to George and meet my new companion, Elder Andreamanantena!I knew him from before, so it is just cool now that we are able to serve together! He is a really cool guy, and I think this transfer is going to be a blast! I will send pictures next week, I’m sorry! I've been so busy I haven't even had time to take pictures! But I will show you some sweet pictures next week!
One sucky thing about transfers is that when you go into an area, that means you are replacing a missionary, which means everybody is sad that that missionary is gone, so now nobody likes the new missionary... even the new companion... And that is tough because the missionary that I’m replacing was just an incredible guy, and now I have high expectations, so I need to fill his shoes... And my companion really misses him and I just feel like an outsider... but I just need patience and it will wear off in a couple of weeks! Makes for a tough start though... not to mention my companion is a bit sick and having a tough time getting to sleep at night... so he is feeling really down... and his companion that he loved leaving... and him being the district leader now... it’s just all adding up and falling down on my head... makes it kind of tough, but this is a whole lot easier than these past two transfers! We get along pretty well, and I think by the end of this week we will be best friends!
I'm stoked! We had some powerful experiences this week! We have 3 new father led families investigating and we had a powerful lesson with one! And it was a dvd referral which was sweet! The Lord's work progresses no matter what! The work is great! The more faith and obedience, the more progress and blessings! I love it! If only it were easier to get up on time... I'm going to work on that! I'm just so tired and exhausted all the time! But that’s ok!
So now we get to email at the chapel so we really can email as long as we want for free and print all that we want and scan and photocopy for free! It's a blessing too! But Knysna is so sweet! It has a feeling like living in B.C. with all the trees and stuff, but instead of mountains everywhere, it's just hills. I'll show you pictures next week! It's awesome!
We had a sweet experience with a lady we were teaching yesterday! She has the biggest house in the township, so she is loaded (in comparison to everyone else, her house is probably the same size as my house, but in a township, that’s huge!) and Elder Andreamanantena and Elder Bangeter found her and her husband while tracting. They taught the restoration to them. So when we went back yesterday, we were going to teach the Gospel of Christ because they had questions about baptism. When we started teaching, we reviewed briefly what was taught before and it turned out that she had a hard time remembering anything because she didn't remember a thing from like earlier this week. So I briefly went over the Restoration again and over the Joseph Smith story, then Elder Andreamanantena even went over it all again because she still seemed confused.
She did have some questions about how to tell if a prophet is true or not, and we answered those and gave her a Book of Mormon, then it was time for us to go so she offered to give the closing prayer. While she prayed, she started crying and saying things like, "I don't even know what to say, but I haven't even read that book (meaning the Book of Mormon) and I feel like all the things they are telling me are true." and she went on like that for a little bit but ended the prayer and was just crying. We let her know that she was feeling the spirit (The spirit was really strong in that lesson just so ya know) and she said she would read and pray about the book of Mormon! So that was awesome! Can't wait to go back! The lesson was terrible too!
It just goes to show that it doesn't matter how it’s being taught, but as long as its truth and the Spirit is there, the Spirit will teach for us! I love mission! It's just awesome! Thanks for all the support! The mail might take a little longer to get to me now because they now have to send it from the mission office to Knysna before I get it, instead of me just picking it up from the mission office in Cape Town there. Well, busy day ahead! Gotta go! Love you all!
-Elder Jones

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