Monday, 11 June 2012

11th June 2012 in the Philippi & Delt area in the City Cape Town

 You're an old Geezer! I hope you had a blast with the family!  Sounds like this next big quadding trip is going to be sweet! I'm glad you're having so much fun!  You should make a quadding club! Pahah! I love you so much dad! I hope grandpa and grandma get well soon! I wonder who your new neighbors are going to be! Sounds crazy with the weather and the tornados! I bet the farmers are loving the rain!  I'm really glad the roof is all done! It looks so much better now! Thank you for all the pictures and for the love and support.
WOO HOOO!!! That's my motha!!! Winning the game Aaron made! I love you mom!  I'm glad you love me enough to do the church tunage CD thing! Ha Ha. I am way spoiled to have you as my mom! I'm also really glad that you are so busy! That is a blessing you know! Keeps you from missing me! Just work away! You will be blessed for all of your work! I often find myself so busy that I don't have time to even make food! Especially with our area we have now! It's hectic! From the moment I wake up till the moment I put my head on the pillow I have a purpose/something to do! The only difference between us is that yours is a lot more stressful...You are such a good example to me! I also know what it is like to be so busy that you don't have time for anything else!

Thank you for doing the police report thing... that is really stupid how the power of attorney doesn't do anything... I'm sorry that you have to do that... If it’s not possible I can do what you asked. The reason why they want the second police check is because they are starting to do visa's for Namibia now, so they are trying to pass a visa for me to go to Namibia! Apparently I will have to get all my x-rays and things like that all done again also because they are only valid for 6 months or something... so ya... I’ll hafta do all that stuff again! So the sooner you do the police report, the sooner I can get called to Namibia! Which would be sweet because that is apparently missionary heaven!
There’s a picture I’m sending you both that has the evidence of the accident that I told you about in last weeks letter... Honestly it wasn't bad at all... I won’t be feeling the effects... and transfers aren't this week, but next Wednesday! The 20th! I'm excited! But kind of bummed at the same time because we have some sweet stuff happening in this area! Oh well... time to experience something new! And there is a place at the mission home that we can store stuff so I can put any excess stuff in there for storage of what I don't need... so ya! It's sweet! Thanks for the support and I love you both!

 I'm running out of time so here are some things that happen last week.  It was quite an interesting week dats fo sho! I got my suit dry cleaned for the first time in over 3 years! Woot! It was much needed! Hey, don't judge! Also it was raining pretty much all week...

The temperature hovers around +10 for the coldest point of the day... and still manages to be up in the +20's mid day!  I have a picture there of Elder Makwezalamba from Zimbabwe, and how dressed up he is for the day... It's so funny! I only wore my usual short sleeve that day, and look at him!!! HAHAHA! That’s what a lot of people wear here right now!

One day, Elder Park and I went on splits because we had two appointments at the same time... Elder Park went with a member fellowshipper to one appointment and I went to the second one with another member fellowshipper. Turned out that both of our appointments dropped, and I had the car. But I managed to go visit Jared ( It was sweet! He was at church this Sunday!!!!!) while Elder Park and Luthando (the other member fellowshipper) were wandering around Browns Farm in the dark. Now browns farm at night is a super sketchy place! Just so ya know! It ended up that Elder Park was roaming around it for 2 hours!!!! A molungu!!! (aka, white guy, you don’t do that if you’re a white guy!!) While I was oblivious to the matter because I just dropped him off and went to my appointment. Then after we met with Jared, I was late for my next appointment, so I rushed over to the area and called Elder Park on our cell phone to see where he was... Turned out he was lost and had no idea where he was, but he assured me that he would be able to find his way to sister Kofi's. So I went to my appointment and taught the lesson, fervently prayed that he wouldn't get mugged, then when I got out of the lesson I called him and he said he was by the high school and didn't know how to get to sister kofi's! So we went and got them...
That was a hectic night! My companion was lost wandering around the township at night!!! One of the most dangerous places! Sheesh! They were ok though! Wet, but ok! (it was raining)... Then as I was dropping off our fellowshippers, since it was raining, all of the pot holes were filled with water, and there are tons of potholes in the township, and there's like no street lights in the township, so I didn't see a pot hole and I hit it going like 60 k's and ended up bending the rim of the tire... not knowing I bent the tire, we just kept driving all night. Then went to Pannorrati's for all you can eat pizza for $6 (or R50) which was sweet! I had 15 pieces of pizza! I would have had more but they were closing... Then the next day we were driving around, and I noticed my tire was getting low... so we had to change the tire, and that was when I noticed it had a huge dent in the rim! crazy taco! So that was a hectic time...

Also one night when going to pick up the Mandalay missionaries from their area, I saw these 3 guys swiftly walking after another guy, and the other guy was walking backwards away from them holding a butchers knife... yup... just another day in the township... honestly I don't want to know the outcome of that... and another big accident happened on the highway... I didn't see it because I went another way home once I saw the traffic... but I can only assume that there were fatalities because of all the emergency vehicles!
Sunday the Mandalay Elders had a baptism! I'm out of time! But I love my mission and you all! And I love the support! Mission is sweet!
Marshall, is your address still the same? I want to send you a letter... or if you sent me a letter I could just respond to the return address on it! Sweet!
-Elder Jones

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