Monday, 29 April 2013

21st April 2013, City of Cape Town, Senior Zone Leader

Again I am sorry for the delay everyone.
Things have been quite busy.
Hello mom and dad!

I don't have very much time to write today. We had a Zone P-Day and went and hiked up Table Mountain. It was crazy and lots of missionaries were late so we started 2 hours late and then some missionaries went separate ways and took extra time for us to get to the top, so everything got delayed and we have like no time to email today. I am attaching some pictures though! This is now the 5th time I have hike up Table Mountain, but it was nice because last time I did it was a year ago. Which is crazy to think!

Thank you so much for the long email mom! I really appreciate it! And Thanks for adding the pictures dad! I appreciate all of the time you take to write me every week and keep my updated! 11 missionaries from our ward! That's awesome!!! Powerful! Thank you also for keeping me up to date on Opa. I really appreciate it!

Well as for how the work is going here. There is some family drama that is going on with the girl that we were going to baptize this coming Sunday, and we will not be able to baptize here until everything settles down. Depending on the outcome she might be moving to Johannesburg and will need to be taught everything again by the missionaries that side. But that's all I know right now, so I'll keep you posted.

  We are still having success with the work though. Busy busy busy. We had our Zone training this past week also and had interviews with president, which was nice! I wish I could update you on everything! We had a special Stake Conference this Sunday and there was a new Stake Presidency formed! A Bishop from the Khayelitsha Ward is now the 2nd counselor in the Stake Presidency!!! Crazy!!! That was exciting! And I got to see one of the families from when I was here last year!
 Anywho... The work is good! The weather is great! I'm loving it here! I have no time to write or do anything though.. my journal is taking a hit... heck sometimes I don't even eat! busy busy busy! I actually haven't eaten yet today and it is 5:45 pm... I’m starving but after this we need to shower then do a FHE then I can eat! I should have just fasted! Anywho! I love you all! Thanks for all the support!
Take Luck!

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