Monday, 18 March 2013

18th March 2013 Zone Leader in Cape Town

Hello Mom and Dad!

This week seemed a little bit longer, which is nice.

Thank you for sharing about your mission experience mom. Each missionary goes through different challenges. I have been super blessed with tons of support! I am so grateful for all of the support that I do get! The letters I receive from home do not make me "trunky" or want to go home; rather they are of great support to me and give me greater drive and determination to work harder and to do better! That’s why I love them so much! I'm so blessed to have the people who do write me to be giving just support and encouragement, rather than talking about things that drag me down. I know you care and love me so much and I am grateful for your guidance and direction. I have the best mother in the world! Worry not, for there is nothing to worry about. As long as we are being obedient, the Lord will provide. I love you!

We saw and exploded car on the road! Took a pic!
 My Zone is doing great! Couldn't have a better zone! They are all awesome! This week has been rather eventful! We had Zone conference on Tuesday! It was awesome! We have what we call a zone report, where the zone leaders go up to the front and announce the zone successes and each zone member and where they are serving. We were told to make it interesting and enjoyable. So we came up with an Easter Idea and got an Easter bunny suit and had Elder Jones (from Australia) wear it and we sang a song and changed the words so that it incorporated all of our zone and stuff and Elder Jones hopped around the room with a inflated hammer bopping people on their heads! It was awesome! Everyone loved it! So fun! I have a video of it too.


Here is that car again. We see it around

I don't have much time, but then we went on exchanges in Paarl on Friday. We had a powerful day Saturday where we taught 4 lessons and each lesson was at a different member’s house, and in total the amount of investigators we taught between all the houses was 9 and 6 of them came to church the next day! Goes to show how powerful working with members and teaching investigators in their homes can be! Members are the only way to make real growth in the church! They play a huge role in missionary work! We are focusing a lot on teaching investigators in members homes and also finding from members referrals! It's nice! I don't have any time left but this week was nice and I am loving mission too much! It has been roasting hot lately, but that's alright! I love you all! Take Luck! (oh ya! Look up the talk labeled "The power of the word of God" from March ensign and look at the picture and read the story. He is pretty much talking about Khayelitsha)
-Elder Jones

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