Monday, 21 October 2013

21 Oct 2013, Assistant to the Mission President, Cape Town South Africa


Thanks for the email! This week has been pretty hectic dealing with some missionary issues. Also I have my transfer news!

I'm going to Mdanstane to be the District Leader there with Elder Warrantino. Elder Warrantino is awesome! I like him! He's from the Kiribati Islands (around Fiji?) and He's huge! Huge as in strong! He also doesn't know English, so he's learning, so I'll be helping him with his English.

He is so loving and has a great desire to do the work! Also Mdanstane is the second largest township in South Africa, and townships are where you can work the hardest! So we'll be working like crazy!!!!!! I'm excited!!!!!!!

I'm going to a place where I can work my butt off and help build the Lord's kingdom with an obedient companion, and also I'll be able to learn some new lessons by working on growing in patience and love towards my companion. I couldn't think of a better way to die! I'm still in denial that I'm coming up to my last transfer! I just don't believe it!

That all won't be happening till next week though, but now my companion and I need to do all of the organizing and arranging of transportation and flights and busses and everything for all of the missionaries... busy busy!

Thanks for all of your support and love! Just remember that I love you all and I'm doing well!

-Elder Jones

(P.S. I went golfing today and I did terrible!)

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