Monday, 5 August 2013

5 Aug 2013, Assistant to the President, Cape Town, South Africa

Good Day mom and dad!
Sorry that this email is coming so late! I meant to send a quick message this morning warning you that I wouldn't be able to send anything till later, but I was busy. So! First off! Thanks for the email and the update with the pics! Loved them!...I dont have much time nor can I hardly concentrate right now because of all the stuff running through my head right now... So I'll just cut to the chase!
This week has been hectic! I will just say that this week we worked very hard in the area! It was the last week of the transfer and we really got down to work! We only were able to have 2 people at church on Sunday though, but we are still working hard at getting people to church.
 This Sunday was fast and testimony Sunday, so I had an opportunity to bear my testimony. I also had the opportunity to say good bye to everyone... yes i did just say that I was saying goodbye! Why would I say that? because this week is transfer week. And What is my transfer news? well... My news made it so that I left Queenstown on Sunday after church and drove 3 hours south to East London. Then at 8:25 Monday morning I boarded an airplane and flew to Cape Town. But wait? isn't transfers always on a Wednesday? yes... Then why did I fly to Cape Town 2 days early? well... I received a phone call Saturday night from President Wood telling me that I was being called to serve as the Assistant to President! Wow!!! Mind blowing!
 So now I am in Cape Town calling missionaries and telling them their transfer news! I have done a lot today and I didn't have time to Email... but now that I'm AP my schedule is all messed up and my emails might be coming in at strange and different times... but there is so much I have to learn and so much I have to do and so much responsibility! It's all so overwhelming but at the same time I am just chill...
 Luckily my companion knows whats going on and is awesome! His name is Elder Chikara from Johannesburg but he was born in Zimbabwe. He's really awesome and I'm excited to be working with him! Also I will be working right along side of President Wood for the next 3 months! I'm going to be travelling a lot and doing a lot of trainings and what not... I'm not sure if the mission office sent you an email yet telling you or not... anywho.. I can hardly focus on writing this email.. my mind is flooded right now... But just know that I am doing very well and I appreciate all of the love and support!
 I have just been given a huge responsibility to serve. I'll need all the prayers I can get! Thanks for everything! I'm going to end this now... Love ya all!
-Elder Jones

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  1. elder palmer is assistant to the president too! so cool.