Monday, 24 June 2013

24th June 2013, Zone Leader, Queentown South Africa



I'm super grateful to Heavenly Father for answering my prayers and keeping my entire family safe! Well, for me, the weather is calmer. It's actually fairly nice here. It's not too hot and not cold either. Just sitting at a comfortable temperature. The sun is out and the sky is clear. There's no wind, rain or floods! In fact, if there is one thing I have noticed that distinguishes South Africa from home is how mild the weather here is. Events like you just had never happen here where I am! Every now and again Cape Town might get heavy rains which cause flooding, but nothing even close to that extent, and maybe once a year. Every other day in the year is mild weather. So it is just really fascinating how it is like that.

Elder Mukongoro has told me about his home in Kenya. He says all year round it is the same! There are no seasons there! In the mornings it is clear and still and cool. Afternoons are hot and sunny! Evenings are also hot and humid and as it starts to get dark they'll get some rain to end off the evening... Every day, day after day, forever! Super mild weather! I don't know why, but it just fascinates me to see the weather differences here and at home. I ponder about it and compare it to the words of the scriptures constantly and I see how all of God's words are being fulfilled! I love the Gospel!

Anywho, well this week was really nice! We had a few successful days in the area, and then on Thursday my whole zone travelled the 3 hours to East London for the Zone Conference. Elder Bricknell (from the Area 70's) did the training and it was super powerful and inspiring and informative! It was all about obedience and how imperative obedience is in both salvation and in serving the Lord as Missionaries. We also had a powerful training about "Taking upon us the name of Jesus Christ" by President and Sister Wood. I learned a ton! I have gained a whole new perspective and understanding on my baptismal covenant and on the importance and power of the name of Jesus Christ.

That conference also gave me a renewed desire to serve the Lord and it gave me a boost in my missionary labors! I honestly love being a missionary! I am learning so much and I couldn't imagine using my time in any better way! Anything else seems to be a waste of time! For me to even fathom the thought of going home makes me sick because I feel like I am going to be wasting so much time when I could be consecrating all of my time and energies to serving the Lord and bringing others into the Kingdom of God!

Our area is doing incredible! We have a ton of people that we are teaching. The problem we have right now is that a lot of our investigators that were in this area for school have left for the holidays. They are all going to their homes in other places to be with their families till school starts again, so for about a month a lot of our teaching pool is going to be gone, but that is ok! That just means we will have to find more people to teach! We have this one family that we are teaching and they are awesome! We are teaching the whole family together. It's the Qolo (the "Q" is a click... I wish I could see everybody who reads this try to say the name) Family. They are planning on coming to church next Sunday! Also they are going to read and pray about the Book of Mormon! They are awesome! I love them so much! I love seeing people come to realize the truth and I love seeing the changes and blessings come into their lives that bring them so much joy and happiness! We also have others that we are teaching, but to mention them all will take too long...

This week is transfer week, so my companion, Elder Mukongoro, is going home this Thursday, and I'll be getting a new companion on Wednesday. I don't know who my companion is yet, but I'll find out tonight! I'm going to miss Elder Mukongoro... We worked the best together! I've really enjoyed my time with him, and we have been working really hard in our area! But he's really old and needs to go home and get married! He's 28!
Last Monday, my companion and I went to the Animal reserve again and we saw some pretty cool things, so I'll attach some pictures. Thanks for all the support that I get from everyone! I hope everybody is alright from that crazy weather over there! I love you all too much!

-Elder Jones

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