Monday, 10 June 2013

10th June 2013, Zone Leader, Queenstown, South Africa

Hello Mom and Dad!!

Looking at those pictures I just noticed that we have a different couch in our basement! It will be nice for Oma to see her sisters again! The happiness she will feel seeing her family again after such a long time will be a fraction of joy that we will experience when we get to meet with our families again here after for time and all eternity! That's a nice thought :) Thanks for the update!

Picture of frost on front lawn!
Mom, you are very good at predicting my week! Always busy, packed with appointments and meetings, your right! I'm sorry dad, we ended up not going to the game reserve last week. When we got there they told us that we have to pre book in order to go through the park... so instead I cut everybody's hair... well 4 other elders hair. I have some hair clippers that I cut my own hair with, and some elders in my zone needed haircuts, so I cut their hair! Ya! Didn't even know I could do it, but I did! I'm surprised they trusted me!
This week has been packed with eventful stuff! I was on exchanges this week with the Queenstown Elders, then on Thursday the Assistants to Mission President were coming down to go on exchanges with us for Friday but Thursday night at 7:30pm I received a text saying that an Elder in our zone in the biking area was hit by a car and was in the ambulance on his way to the hospital. So we cut our lesson with a less active family short, and rushed to the hospital! When we got there, the rest of the zone missionaries were there (except the Mthatha elders of course because they are 3 hours away) and the Assistants to the Mission President had just arrived. The Bishop was also there with his son.
 FIRST I WILL SAY!!!! The Elder missionary is ok!!!!!
 He was hit by a car that went through an intersection without seeing the Elders biking across. The Elder was knocked off his bike and his face hit the concrete. He had a nice gash in his forehead and his nose was bleeding. An ambulance just so happened to be passing by right after this happened and picked him up and brought him to the hospital. He was treated and released 2 hours later after some xrays showing no broken bones. His back is sore and his face still healing, but he's alright.
 Lesson we can learn from this? WEAR YOUR HELMET!!!!!!!
Friday was Zone Meeting, and it went fairly well. It was about Obedience, which I love! I think my zone got the message and are going to be more obedient and diligent in their areas, and work.
Very eventful week! It has also been a very powerful week work wise! We exceeded most of our goals for the week and had a ton of lessons! We also found 6 new investigators! We are teaching a whole family and another YSA (Young Single Adult) age brother. The work is pressing forward very nicely! We'll hopefully be having a baptism on the 30th of this month! I love mission too much! It's hectic, and busy, and stressful sometimes, but I'm learning so much and growing so much and helping others so much!

Thursday, Friday and Saturday were really warm days, and then Sunday and today it has been so cold! This morning I woke up to a nice surprise on the front lawn! Look at the pictures! My companion had never seen frost before. He's from Kenya! This is the coldest I have felt so far here in Africa. You might be thinking I'm crazy being so excited about frost, but that isn't very common here! I hope snow will be coming very soon!
 If you look carefully at the picture with the mountain in the background, you can see a black part to the right where the fire was on the side of the mountain that I shared with you last week. Sorry that my pictures are all lame today. Next week I'll have better ones!
 I love you all TOO MUCH!!!

-Elder Jones


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