Thursday, 27 December 2012

23rd Dec 2012 Mthatha, South Africa

Mom and Dad
I have not yet received the package, so I guess I will have a late Christmas this year... But that's ok! Sounds like a classic Canadian Christmas at -20. It's about +35 here right now... Sweltering hot! But my next Christmas is going to be frigidly cold that's for sure.
 It's crazy how soon Ben and Anthony will be home! It feels like we were just in Ontario for Anthony’s farewell! Crazy taco! I'll email for sure just after I finish this! Well I don't need to say much more because I'll talk to you all tomorrow! Merry Christmas! I love you!! TOO MUCH!!!
Remind me to sing Happy Bday for you mom!
Now for the week…The work is slowing down alot for the holidays that's for sure! We did have a couple really cool experiences though! We went to an investigator's house for an appointment and she wasn't home, but her backyard neighbor was outside and we were able to talk to him, and he wanted us to come back to visit his family! It was pretty sweet! Potential Father-led family! I love Missionary work!
 Also we were Christmas Caroling (but not really because they don’t go to other houses, they just sing a bunch of carol's in the home) at a members home, and she had her backyard tenants there as well, and after talking with her for a bit, she told us how her husband was in the hospital for a month now because of an accident of being pushed off of a moving train! He had blood clotting in his head and internal bleeding in his head. He was in the hospital and was recovering but slowly. He was at the point where he could move a little bit and could mumble a couple of words. We suggested that we could give him a blessing and she wanted it. The next day we went to the hospital and my companion gave his first blessing. It was awesome and the spirit was strong and I just felt such a love for this man and his family. We still need to follow up and see how he is doing, but that is a potential father-led family! This work is great! I love it too much!

We were also invited to a circumcision ceremony this week of a member who went to the bush! When you are a xhosa, and you become old enough, they send you to "the bush"
where you go to get circumcised. They do that to become a "man." In order to be a man you have to go to the bush. So we went to a member's ceremony once he returned from the bush. It was pretty cool and there was a lot of dancing and singing and stuff. I attached a couple pics.

 We also were invited to a new investigator's Bday party which was fun! But at every social event in this country, there is always alcohol, which is really annoying...

 Also the weather is getting very hot!!!! Up in the mid to high 30's every day! And every night a thunder storm rolls in and it dumps rain! It is really strange weather here... oh well... Also at church on Sunday there was a member from Khayelitsha who was home in Mthatha for the holidays! That was awesome! I got to chat with her about the people in Khayelitsha! It was awesome! I miss that place! But this week is Christmas! Woot!!! I'm so stoked to skype home tomorrow! We can't go anywhere unless it is a set Dinner Appointment, and we need to be in our flat's by 6pm. Plus today is pday and tomorrow Christmas, so 2 pdays in a row!!! Woot! haha! Well I best be getting off here! My time is far spent! Thanks to everyone for the support! I love you all! HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Don't get caught up in the worldly stupor of Christmas!
 Remember what matters most! The Birth of the Son of God! The one who performed the Atonement and made it possible for us to all return to live with Heavenly Father again if we but learn and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I know that Jesus Christ Lives! I know that His church has been restored to the Earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith! I know the Book of Mormon is the Word of God and is true! I know this now better than I ever have before! Mission is a tough time and it has given for lots of times of struggle and sometimes doubt, but through it all, the truth prevails, and I know for a surety of the truthfulness of these things!

 I challenge anyone who is reading this to come to know of the truth of these things for yourself by reading the Book of Mormon, ponder and pray to ask God himself of its truthfulness! When you come to know it is true than it is the greatest knowledge you could ever receive, EVER! But you need to try. There's nothing to lose, only Eternity to Gain! I know it's true, and I love it! And I live it!

 I wish you all a Merry Little Christmas (I've had Marshall's Christmas Card from last year posted on my wall for a year now!) I love you all!
-Elder Jones-

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