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RESENT LETTER FROM 30th JAN 2012 in the Philippi Delt area of Cape Town



Those are cattle waking across the bridge. 

         Motorbike accident.
         The ambulance was there.

Hi everyone! I finally figured out the green scripture challenge from moms Christmas package. "After all that has been said, the greatest and most important duty is to preach the gospel." Turns out that quote is in Preach My Gospel and it took a month to figure it out! haha good one mom! I love you!
Sounds like weather back home has been pretty crazy! I'm glad dad is safe! I did get pictures! Thanks so much for all the pictures! That’s awesome that you found the camera! What a blessing! That’s crazy how you found it too! I'm glad everything is going great back at home! I love you all so much! And maybe one of the pictures I send you will be what you are looking for. Dad, I serve in a ward. the khyalitshia (i dunno about that spelling...) ward.
Well, I don't want to brag or anything, but this is my first transfer and I have already had 3 baptisms! But really I don’t want to brag, because that’s rather common here, but we had the baptisms yesterday! It was awesome to see the faith of such strong sisters! Elder Beck was chosen by all 3 to baptize them, which i was fine with. It was a cool experience for sure! The work is still pushing forward! We have 2 baptisms set for March 4th and hopefully this week we are going to set another one for March sometime!
Faces have been touched for privacy. We have to have consideration because this blog is open to everyone on the internet.
The weather is sooooo hot here! I have a sweet watch tan now that I’m stoked about! I'm just thankful that my area is a driving area so that I get a shot of Air Conditioning every hour or so! Also another thing I’m not so proud of, is that I started counting, but I stopped counting once I got to 200, but I have over 200 flea/mosquito/bug bites... They are really really really annoying and I’m so itchy everywhere all the time! Sleeping at night is sometimes hard because I’m so itchy that I just can't sleep! We sprayed down our apartment and I spray my shoes every day, but for some reason they just love Canadian meat! It's killer! but I’ll get over it...
I'll quickly share an experience I had this week that was awesome! We were just getting out of our last appointment for the day on Tuesday, and Elder Beck had a prompting to go to one more door. We said a quick prayer, and I started driving (by the way driving on the other side of the road and on the other side of the car, are really weird! And traffic is absolutely psycho here!). I was prompted to drive a few blocks then hang a left and stop. So I did and we got out of the car and Elder Beck and I both felt the prompting to go to this one door. We went and there was a lady at the door and we told her what we do and who we are and a little bit about how the message we have to share are centered on Jesus Christ and how it can bless her life and her family. She looked interested and we set a return appointment with her. Then we went home. It wasn't anything spectacular but it was pretty cool. What was cool wasn't evident until we came back to see her again!
When we came back we got to know her a bit. Her name is Nomvuyo, she has 2 kids and is married, and she has taken bible classes and other things at school and was really curious in what we had to share. When we saw her the first time we left her with the Restoration pamphlet and she read it and was really really curious about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. We taught her the Restoration and gave her a Book of Mormon and she was really excited! She committed to read the Book of Mormon and then she committed to be baptized! I'm so excited! If she get's baptized, it will be Elder Beck's only baptism his entire mission from tracking rather than member referrals. 
That experience just truly showed how the promptings of the spirit, if listened too, can truly direct us to what we need to do. It really strengthened my testimony of the Holy Ghost and was yet more proof to me that it is very real! I love this gospel and I love the Church! I know without a doubt in my mind that it is true and that me being here on a mission is what I need to be doing! I see the blessings come in each and every day! and Heavenly Father truly reaches out his hand and helps his children who are seeking for the truth! I have seen many people change for the better because of these teachings and I have seen lives change and I have only been here for a month! 
It's not always amazing being here on mission. Sometimes days are long and not productive, and sometimes the heat just makes us exhausted and tired, and sometimes I’m nodding off, almost asleep, during appointments! But as I work through these trials and keep pushing forward I see the blessings come in! I can feel the support I have from home and I thank you all so much! I love you all so much! I'm so grateful for all of your examples and I love each and every one of you! Take care and be safe! Enjoy the warm winter! I wish I was snowboarding!  Oh by the way, I met a man yesterday who is from Cape Town here but lived in B.C. for a year and worked at Whistler! He learnt how to snowboard and everything! He's sweet! It was nice to hear from someone who appreciates Canada!
-Elder Jones

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