Tuesday, 16 July 2013

15th July 2013 Zone Leader, Queenstown South Africa

Mom and Dad,

WOW!!! Even though I am on the other side of the world, I still feel so happy to have a new Niece! Thank you so much for the pictures! Looks like a healthy baby to add to the other 2 healthy babies! I'm still super amazed at how fast time is just flying by! It's insane! I try not to think about it really...
Thanks for the update on everything that is happening including Highriver. Sounds like the Saints are doing a lot to help! As for transfers and the new amount of missionaries coming in, our mission lost a week. Some missions gained a week. Some gained 2 weeks. Depending on the transfer schedule and the new mission schedules, missions were changed accordingly. You should still ask the office though.

 Well...Now for an update on me... Things are great! I am just getting over a cold. It hit hard yesterday, but I still worked all the day long and went to church and everything! I'm feeling better now. The work is going great! School starts today, so everybody should be back from holidays, so I think our teaching pool is going to go up! Also, our fellow shipper is back! So our worries of not being able to visit people anymore is over! I only see positive things from here on out!
We found about 6 new investigators last week, and one of them we taught the first lesson to, and the lesson was so powerful that she was bursting with tears saying how she has been confused her whole life but now she is seeing the light! Those are the kind of moments that I thrive off of! I've been focusing a lot lately on working out of strictly a love for the people. I'm noticing that I am able to discern their needs better and I'm able to be more sensitive to the spirit in helping them as I put their needs first. I'm loving it and I'm learning a lot about the Christ like attribute of Charity.
I'm predicting a few baptisms in the upcoming month. Our biggest issue is getting people to church because it is so far away... It's pretty much the same distance from Welling to Raymond like the area Ezibileni to Queenstown. The difference is that the majority of the people living in Ezibileni don't have cars because of the poverty and the fact that it's a township, so they have to take taxi's and it costs about R20 per person to go to town and back and that's a lot of money for these people. Especially if you have a family of 5 and them it adds up to R100 and that's tough. So we are still trying to work around that, but hopefully by the end of the year, the area Ezibileni should get it's own place to meet and become a branch! That'd be awesome! But I probably won't see the day...

 I was able to talk to Bro. Vanden Dungen from our ward, (I don't know how to spell it) on Monday! That was cool! He was enjoying his stay in Cape Town for a wedding. When I talked with him, he was at Cape Point, which is where I was like a year ago. Beautiful place!
 Things are going well with me and my companion and Queenstown is getting warmer. I don't think we'll get snow... which is a bummer... Well I don't have much more time. On p-day we went to the Queenstown dam, so that's what the pictures are! The lake was glass! Could anything be better than Wake Boarding in Africa on a lake of glass?!? I submit that it cannot! I love you all tons! Thanks Aunt Terri for the treats!
 Till next week!
-Elder Jones

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