Thursday, 29 November 2012

25th Nov 2012 in the city Knysna, South Africa

THAT PICTURE WAS SO AWESOME ABOUT ANONA AND RILEY’S NEW FAMILY MEMBER!!! I'm stoked! He/She will already be 5 months old when I get home! How insane is that?..
Thanks for the support mom and dad! I really receive so much strength from both of you while I am here! Your prayers are a big support to me! They really are! Thanks for the email pictures and the update! I Love You Both!!
Riley with his last week of hunting and he's still looking eh? He better not miss the opportunity altogether! As for the situation with the Malawian's being able to be baptized, we are still awaiting the outcome.

Also, the pictures that I am sending this time are a collection of pictures of cool creepy crawlies that I have found literally right outside of the door to our flat. It seems like we have a new creepy crawly friend that sits outside our door every day, so I have taken the liberty to display these friends to everyone!

Seriously, I am boggled at how fast time flys by! This week seems like a blurr! There is so much to do but like no time to do it! This week though has been rather nice! Yesterday at church, it was the first time that I had been to a church service where when it started there were only 15 people there to sing the opening hymn. Even at the MTC there were 24 of us having church. So that was the smallest I have experienced in my life! By the end of sacrament meeting there was probably around 30 of us or so.. Filled up a bit more. We had 5 investigators at church. Not 9 like last week but it was alright.

The work is going very well! Had some cool experiences! One appointment with the Zimbabweans, Prancisca unloaded on us her issues with her husband and stuff, and just the day before we had studied about resolving concerns using a scripture, and we role played and in the role play we had pretty much the same situation. So we were able to use the same scriptures and it ended up being a really cool lesson. Prancisca felt better at the end! I am so grateful to have grown up in the Restored Gospel! I have such a huge responsibility in sharing it with as many people as possible!


I can't believe how fast this transfer is ending... I'm fairly sure I'm leaving Knysna, and I don't really want to... I love this place! And I love the people! The work is going so well! And there are a bunch of baptisms just waiting for the situation to be resolved with the permit stuff! It'll be hard to leave! But, I'll go where the Lord wants me to go! We also got to clean the chapel on Saturday. It was nice! There were 6 of us and we got it all done in an hour. But I really enjoyed it! There’s something special about cleaning a house of the Lord. I don't have enough time to type out all of the experiences that I had this week with investigators and stuff. We have 11 progressing investigators, so we are pretty busy teaching all the time!

It was rainging for a few days. The weather here is weird... It will be hot and sunny in the morning, then cold and windy and raining in the afternoon, then calm and sunny and hot again in the evening... Being by the ocean brings weird weather sometimes!

Also there is a picture of some chicken burgers I purchased. Look carefully.. Do you see what contradicts itself? I am planning on taking as many pictures as I can of things that are similar to that, because on almost every product in this country, it is the same thing! Ex. Orange Juice (contains a blend of other fruit juices) etc...


This might possibly be the last time that I have so much free time to Email on Mondays. Next Monday we are going to George to go see an animal sanctuary of sorts, and then after that I will be in a new area... most likely... 95% chance... It's rare to stay in an area for 7.5 months... Most likely in my new area I will have to pay for emailing and most likely I will only get to have an hour and a half, and half an hour goes to emailing president... so emails will start getting shorter including this blog! Thanks to everybody for the constant support that I receive! I know I say that every time! But I really mean it! Thanks for the letters and packages! Thanks for the prayers! They are needed! Love ya!

Elder Jones

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