Monday, 23 January 2012

23th Jan 2012 in the Philippi Delt area of Cape Town

In answer to your questions, I can only read emails on Monday and I will read them anywhere from 10-6 my time. I did get the pictures of Anona and Riley's baby and she is cute. I love seeing pictures! I save them all in my email so keep sending them; they lift my spirits every time! Did you get my pictures I sent you? I did figure out the puzzle but I forgot it back at the room... I’ll email it next week! I don't know if I need the pedigree chart or not... but maybe it is safe to have just in case... could you even email it to me? And it takes about a month for me to get a letter from you. I love you!

Also if you are ever to send me a package you need to write on it that it is "Missionary Supplies" for the content description and that it is less that $40 because otherwise they will tax it and it costs me... so remember to do that ok?
Well this week was an eventful one! It was really really hot this week and I was dying whenever I went into an investigator's house! Those little houses or shacks are so hot after the sun beams on them all day! It was an amazing week though and I learn so much every day!

My area is huge and it takes like 10-15mins for us to even drive from appointment to appointment. On Saturday I went on exchanges with Elder Mapeka, who was in the MTC with me, so it was interesting! Two greenies out and about! We were in his area though and it is a walking area. It was also very hot out, but good news! I got my watch tan now! I'm so happy about that! It finally happened! But it was cool just going out with another greenie and just working hard! We got a lot of new contacts and taught a few lessons! All in all it was a cool experience and we got a return appointment with a father led family so that was sweet! I found out that Elder Mapeka doesn't like to talk very mush so it was rather quite most of the time...

There are miracles happening all the time! One night while Elder Beck and I were planning for the next day, we were wondering what to teach a less active family where the father has a drinking problem. Elder Beck had the inspiration to teach about temples. When we went to their house to teach them, and after we presented the message, the father and mother both told us that the message was inspired and that that very morning they were thinking about the temple and the experience they had as they went through and how they needed to go back. So just things like that are just so amazing when you listen to the promptings of the spirit!

There has been a few times where people tell us things that have happened so that they could hear our message or after they heard our message something happened that they instantly realized it was because of the visit with us, or whatever it is, but it is so awesome to see things like that happen! It truly testifies that Heavenly Father is working with these investigators.

 We have 3 baptisms that are happening this coming Sunday! I am stoked! I don't know if i will actually be able to baptize them but that is 3 down on my tally which isn't bad for being in the field for 3 weeks! But those dates were already set before i came out...but I’m still going to take the fame for them! There are 3 ladies: Ntomboxolo, Nobuntu, and Tamara. Also there is a man, Xolani, who has a baptism date in February! This is exciting stuff! And we are working with a father led family right now (father led families are really hard to get by the way and that’s what the wards need here right now) and things are going very well with them! I think we will have a baptism date set for them during the week sometime! We have a few new investigators and a bunch of potential investigators that we are working on! It is exciting stuff!

Today for P-Day we hiked Table Mountain! It was sweet! I attached a picture for you to look at! We are going to have to climb it again though because there was a cloud and it was raining... so it was a kind of bad day to go so we didn't see anything but cloud when we were on top... And it was very wet and we got drenched! It was fun though! I made a documentary as I went up that you all have to watch! I'll have to send a memory card home sometime so you can watch the videos! They are awesome!

Well my time is far spent! I love you all! (Christine!!! My companion has gone golfing with David Archuleta!)

-Elder Jones-

Climbed Table Mountain on P-Day 23 Jan 2012

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